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  1. GTA Hack Questions

    To reinforce, I have used CA's GTA5 cheat quite a few times in the past two months or so and have not been banned. Just don't go around with god mode killing a bunch of players who will report you. EDIT: For more info, I generally use no recoil, no spread, no wanted level, and god mode but not much else. Sometimes ESP and rarely aimbot. I doubt either are dangerous, though. The more dangerous things should be things like god mode, which I have used often and not been banned with.
  2. RB6 problem for inject cheat

    If you mean that the BF4 cheat worked and the RB6 one didn't, that is unfortunate but somewhat irrelevant because they could be using DirectX differently. Have you tried what Robert said? Do any error messages pop up?
  3. Rainbow Six Siege Cheat Video

    I am not aware of any pre-defined configurations, but if you do not use the aimbot, and use ESP with "smart tags" on, it makes you play pretty legit-looking.
  4. BattlEye

    What makes BattlEye such a difficult anticheat to circumvent as compared to others like PunkBuster and VAC?
  5. Rainbow Six Siege

    Well the cheat has been updated to support BattlEye now and is currently undetected.
  6. Rainbow Six Siege Cheat Video

    I'm just a user; I don't work for CheatAutomation, so I can't guarantee you anything, but I do think the cheat will be updated to circumvent BattlEye. I agree that it would be unfair if you bought a subscription for the cheat and then it goes down and doesn't get updated. If that does happen though, use the support system at the top of the website to resolve that issue with the administrators.
  7. Rainbow Six Siege Cheat Video

    Correct, when the cheat is being updated, you will not have access to it. The time it takes for the cheat to update after BattlEye is integrated cannot be accurately estimated as of now.
  8. Rainbow Six Siege Cheat Video

    You purchase the cheat from the Store here, and then you download the Cheat Launcher from a thread in the "Private Discussion" forums. It should be easy to find. However, know that BattlEye, a second, client-sided anticheat than scans for signatures unlike FairFight is set to soon be integrated into Rainbow Six: Siege alongside FairFight. Read more about that update here: http://rainbow6.ubi.com/siege/en-us/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:152-259842-16&ct=tcm:148-76770-32
  9. Rainbow Six Siege Cheat Video

    I can say that the Rainbow Six: Siege cheat is very reliable and very good. It has also been updated a lot since the cheat video came out. They have this great feature called "smart tags" which you can choose to use or not that makes the ESP only show when an enemy is visible. This is great for playing discretely. The cheat has also never been detected in the 2 months I've been using it, but you do need to make sure to play discretely and smart to avoid the FairFight ban. You can also record and stream with OBS Studio without the cheat overlay showing. Plus, the cheat is updated on the day of a game update, so there is very little downtime. I would definitely recommend CheatAutomation's Rainbow Six: Siege cheat.
  10. Is Battlefield 4 hack detectable as today?

    As of the moment, the Battlefield 4 cheat is undetected. I have been using it for the past few days with no issues. However, know that there is always a risk of being banned when cheating, and that it helps to play in a more legitimate style, especially with FairFight.
  11. Subscription

    I have not had this happen, and I doubt it was on purpose. I'm sure you can get some of these double charges reversed if you write a support ticket with the proper transaction IDs and whatnot. EDIT: Yay!
  12. Rainbow Six Siege new anti cheat system

    There is not currently an anti cheat system besides FairFight in Rainbow Six: Siege. However, Ubisoft has officially stated they are testing new client-side anticheats and plan to release one alongside FairFight soon.
  13. DayZ Standalone hack?

    I would like a DayZ standalone cheat, but I don't expect one at all. BattleEye is a better anti-cheat than most, and most private cheat sites have taken down their cheats for DayZ standalone because people just keep getting banned. I'm impressed CA is putting up with ARK.
  14. I recently took a class in C at college, and I'm interested in trying to write D3D hacks for games. I want to try to write my first wallhack for some FPS, like a simple one-color 2D ESP box for players. However, I need to do a lot of research to figure this out. I don't know how to hook code into a process, and I don't really know how to draw things in DirectX. I would assume I would need to make some pointer point to the client's player location info (playerbase?), and use the info/offsets from that pointer to draw lines (with some drawing function) around the x, y, and z coordinates of the players. Thinking about all this makes me realize how professional the hacks at CheatAutomation are (with menus, multi-color 3D ESP, aimbots, anti-cheat...wow.) Anyway, I don't want to worry about an anti-cheat while learning the basics, so what games do you all recommend me trying to mess around with? I wonder if I could mess around with lone wolf terrorist hunts on Rainbow Six: Siege without getting banned...
  15. Free subscription time! Leave a testimonial!

    It's still going, but you need to post a new thread in the "Testimonials" category. Basically, make a new thread one page back from this thread.