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  1. Friday the 13th

    Yes, 64bit versions only.
  2. Cheat Launcher

    That isn't uncommon when you are dealing with programs such as this. Make an exception or disable it.
  3. we need FOR HONOR HACK.

    Good to know. Thanks. The small player base of Squad must have done me in every time despite trying to look legit (no aimbot etc).
  4. we need FOR HONOR HACK.

    I'm not familiar with For Honor but I've certainly been up against EAC before.... I've subbed to many different places but the only thing I've found that works to avoid EAC is to throw a lot of money at CDkeys That's my advice for those looking to cheat an EAC game, get ready to shell out for keys. Totally worth it though if you brings you entertainment and you can afford it of course. If this team here can fool it 100% my hat is off to you as I've not seen the proof in the pudding other places. *edit* Perhaps the games I played that used EAC, the devs watched like hawks too.. I can't rule that out I suppose.
  5. World of Warships Review

    I request I NOT receive extra time for my review so others can be sure I'm being 100% honest without any motives. This is a review and comparison between CheatAutomation and a nameless competitor. Features The only feature you need is an aim assist icon and direction indicator. 2D radars, boxes and other information is unneeded or can be achieved with the use of mods which look nicer. Both have aimbot buttons but you shouldn't use them other than to snap to a target then aim manually slightly. If they are speeding up, then aim ahead of the aim-dot, if you want to land fireballs on their superstructure then aim a tad high. Leading/trailing an aim assist dot is way easier than trying to aim without. The competitor does have more features, like being able to hotkey settings for switching on the fly... but honestly, I don't miss that at all. I've become a better player by not relying on it (I had settings that would switch between AP/HE - Low/High aim). Use the aim assist dot as a gauge not an "aimbot" spot, by switching that on the fly with the other one I came to rely on it too much as "the" spot to shoot. I have read that hotkeys for settings is possibly planned for future improvement here. Changing them now though is no problem, just open the GUI and drag the slider (typing your settings may also come in the future). You only need to change your settings when you switch ships and the loading screen gives you ample time to do this. Support/Community CheatAutomation wins. Has more ships with settings than the competitor. Staff is nice and helpful here. A tad rude at the other place, even to users who are trying to help and assist others. If your ship isn't listed (many are here), use a setting of a similar ship. You will quickly get the feel for how you need to aim it (need to lead a bit more etc) after a volley or two. You can fine tune it in a bot game too. Mod Support I have not found any incompatibilities with either cheat. Works fine with all the mods I've tried and I tend to use a bunch. There are a few mods I feel are important for great play, things like Ship Angle Indicator are very helpful for not taking citadels. Custom crosshairs I find very useful too. Ease of Use / Learning Curve Cheatautomation wins. Competitor requires memorizing variable names if you want to change them on the fly or requires you to setup hotkeys before launching (more involved than it sounds). Cheatautomation is far and away easier for a newbie to pickup since it's all done in the GUI at any time. The tradeoff is the competition has more you can change... but in this game that's pretty irrelevant in my opinion because the only feature you need is an aim assist dot and an 'aimbot' button just to snap to the target a bit faster. Cheatautomation can save your settings so the next time you launch you don't need to change your settings, the only thing you need to do is adjust 2 sliders based on what ship you are playing. Performance I have a mid to mid-high rig. 4770k + 970. I have had no problems with Cheatautomation but some lower end users have complained about performance. There is a test version available for all subs that is suppose to help this. I just use the standard version since I've seen no problems. If you have an old/weak CPU you may want to question the staff on how well they think it will perform. I think it's WoWS related not hack related but after long play sessions the game will develop a memory leak of sorts, it will show itself by extreme FPS drops and eventually crashing over the course of a few minutes. I restart the game + hack every time I use the bathroom during long sessions, works great to avoid this. Tracking Time Seems about equal to me. If the enemy is turning, the aim dot isn't going to be right, you need to know this. The direction line by Cheatautomation comes in very handy in this situation. You don't shoot at the dot, you shoot along the direction line in the direction the enemy is turning in. A tad bit of practice and you will nail them every time. If you are aiming at a ship that is speeding up, the aimassist icon will "jump" forward from your locked-on cursor. Meaning if you shoot at the dot you will miss the target by shooting too far behind, you need to aim in front of the dot in this situation. Think of the aim-assist-dot as "if the ship stays it's course and doesn't speed up/slow down, this is where to shoot". Launcher Cheatautomation's launcher doesn't have settings like the competition (which are difficult for newbies), it's all done in-game. This is a benefit because you can get your cheats launched in less than half the time. It does what it's suppose to do it, no complaints. Detections / Bans No one is getting banned for these types of cheats as far as I'm aware. It's those illegal mods that wargaming detects every so often and bans for, not even sure if that exists for WoWS like they do for WoT. Price Cheatautomation wins. Competition is more expensive for essentially the same thing, they also don't offer lifetime. Down Time It has not affected me but I have seen some threads about the cheat servers going down. Some of those I believe are from users who download the cheat every time they use it (the download is broken), this is not what is needed, you download it once and you just rerun it for future uses, so some of those threads are, in my opinion, user error. The staff responds quickly and fixes it no matter what the issue is though. Everything has downtime, it's a fact of life. It's how quick the staff responds and it is quick in both places. Forum Structure Cheatautomation does not lock you into only your sub's forum. You can view threads from all the cheats they offer. The competition doesn't (unless their permissions are off), those broken permissions have lead to additional purchases from me because I could see what the current subs are saying. This is a nice benefit of Cheatautomation and will likely lead to me purchasing more from them in the future since I won't feel like I'm buying it blind. Hardware Resets You get 6 resets per month here. The other place you pay for resets (with exemptions). I have not been through the process here so I can't really speak more on that topic. Future Improvements Cheatautomation may add some more features in the future like hotkey profile switching and typing your values instead of just sliders. They also have a current test version for improving performance for some lower end systems. The competition will update theirs when hell freezes over. The best you can hope for there is they update it when a major game patch breaks it. Conclusion Both work but CheatAutomation has better community support and pricing. I pondered for a few days if I should buy a sub or lifetime. I regret not going full lifetime. When my sub is up I will go lifetime. Know what you are buying! You will not find an "aimbot" for WoWS like you can for an FPS game. Bullets don't take 10 seconds to reach the target in a regular FPS. No cheat program can read the other player's mind. This will improve your play though, your first volley is much much more likely to hit pay dirt with the aim assist icon helping you. You still need to predict; if they will turn, slow down or speed up in the time it takes your shells to reach the target which the direction line of the cheat will assist you with. I couldn't play WoWS without this cheat. Would I recommend Cheatautomation to a friend over the competition? YES and I have.