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  1. To all Buyers or Planning to Purchase, What I like about the CheatAutomation is not only excellent prompt service, but the product works. For an experienced player and beginner, it will boost your accuracy by at least 25% to 35%, and that can make a significant difference in this type of game. Still, requires skills to play this game, to predict and change your targets, which this product helps to do and even to a point where you become aware when to shoot or even maneuver to help position yourself for the kill or damage toward the enemy player. This product if you enjoy playing the game it's like having a BootCamp training, and once you've improved and become more aware in how to shoot, among other things, it will be more natural for players to predict where to shoot or fire when it comes to playing World of Warship. I would think that every other product that CheatAutomation has created will have the same effect. My reason why I would recommend the product, especially for beginners who enjoy whatever type the game maybe to improve and expand their skills for a higher level of competition. So, in other words, you still require skills to play, but this helps to improve upon it as if you were at BootCamp training to develop awareness, skills and tactical experience. A big thumbs up for this product, World of Warships Hack. Cheers, Robert and thank you so much for your excellent services when I had problems with the app and for the great advice on tech support. Cheers! - Worth getting and I went with Lifetime because of the service, thanks to Robert and it works. Willie-