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  1. PuBG Cheat

    once it is updated, safe to use and most likely when there will be a new way of purchasing the software. i believe the most likely thing would be an invite only.
  2. Germany not Supported fpr PUBG?

    PUBG has a different anticheat for germany. this might be the cause of it
  3. Hiya community

    Hello folk, i'd like to hide my real name so just call me khabuus (when you say it out loud you might notice it is a reference to 'red vs blue). i got my forum/ign from guildwars.. originally started with desired but later used khabuus on other games because of the tiny reference the creators from guildwars made in the game. There was a boss around in the game that had this name and so i pretty much stole it. I am 22 years old and currently live in the netherlands. Utrecht to be precise. hobbies are playing videogames ofcourse.. mostly always trying to find ways to cheat or make the game more easy. I find that a fun thing to do. also i picked up a bass guitar few years ago and am still an amateur. But i like playing it. Other hobbies are cooking and drinking a couple of beers at the pub. I found cheatautomation through searching google today. First i found some legit private sellers selling their pubg hack for 400-1000 dollars. while only looking for an esp for pubg i found this website hope to het to know some of the community here and maybe play some games together? ps; is there a discord server?