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  1. License

    Don't, this site is dead.
  2. Apex Legends Cheat???

    Pretty much their last half dozen or so cheats were all quickly compromised and subsequently pulled. I'm going to wager they've just been outdone.
  3. COD BO4

    Because their cheats are easily compromised and as such they don't make hacks for any relevant modern games
  4. Hello!

    They leave up cheats that have long since been discontinued in order to pad the actual number of cheats they offer. RS2 Vietnam, Heroes and Generals, and Ghost Recon Wildlands have all been compromised and pulled. You're left with cheats for mostly older EA games or dead games like Evolve.
  5. Rising Storm Vietnam

    And everyone using them got hit with the baaaaan hammer
  6. Rising Storm Vietnam

    Their hacks for that game were compromised in like 3 days
  7. Requested Games/Cheats

    Arma 3 isn't happening because of Battleye.
  8. When googling 'Battalion 1944 hacks' your site is the second highest result with what seems to be a preliminary post on the subject. Any plans for selling a Battalion 1944 hack? Only issue I have is that B1944 is protected by EAC, the same anti-cheat system that very easily caught and destroyed your Rising Storm 2 hack.
  9. are these hacks working?

    They are not working no, easily spotted
  10. H&G Cheat

    Strange, the coder and admin above just said they had to castrate the cheat due to anti-cheat efforts by the company, meaning it was compromised and no longer hidden, but it must be me right?
  11. H&G Cheat

    Don't get this cheat, very poor quality, easily seen by the anti-cheat
  12. A polite question to the devs of the engine:

    This is a market like any other, it survives because there are people out there who are interested in buying hacks, it's not so much about even just winning all the time, but the feeling of having total control of the match in front of you that is exhilarating. I assure you that we don't "ruin" any games, most of the games that we frequent are those with very poor anti cheat systems anyways, and were in such low numbers it hardly makes a difference. Many of us are low key enough that you'd never have any premonition that were outright hacking. If a game has gotten to the point that "almost everyone" around you is hacking, well that game was so poorly secured that it's better than anything else that it get burned to the ground.
  13. Friday the 13th hack

    I don't have FridayThe13th but I do have Rising Storm 2 hack which also uses EAC and I can assure you that the Black Panther Program provided by these fine folks is 100% undetected by EAC, no risk of being detected and banned so long as you follow their simple instructions, which can be found once you buy the hack.
  14. About to purchase the RS2 hacks

    Nevermind, you don't actually have to add any money to the account, you can pay directly with whatever card is linked to the account, just purchased it and the excitement is palpable
  15. Only issue is can it be paid with in any other medium than Paypal? Is paying straight through debit or credit possible?