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  1. Requested Games/Cheats

    Game Name: Dead by Daylight Official Website: http://www.deadbydaylight.com/ Steam Charts: 17,839 18,087 42,895 playing an hour ago 24-hour peak all-time peak http://steamcharts.com/app/381210 ESP: Killer, Survivors, Generator, Hooks, Hatch, Exit Gates, Chests, Items, Killer Belongings(Traps) Auto Skill-Check, Struggle, Wiggle, etc... No aimbot/no ranged guns or rifles This game is protected by EasyAntiCheat only and by bypassing it you can also easily manipulate the profile cloud save to change your amount of Blood Points and Fear Points, Survivors/Killers Level, give yourself any items, add-ons, perks, offerings etc...
  2. I use to get access immediatly after payment with both paypal and bitcoin, there seems to be something wrong. When you go to Store>Manage Purchase and Store>Orders you see your orders, payments and their Status: Manage Your Purchases Your Orders Maybe your payment could not be associated to the right order/account correctly? In this case you better open a Support Ticket instead of asking on the forums: Create New Support Ticket
  3. Star Wars: Battlefront II Hack Promo Video

    Yes, that's unfortunate, especially since it does usually work, of course I did think of that and intended to display it with the "2D Radar" caption. So, I've re-rendering the video and switched the 2nd with the 1st game capture scene since I feel you are right and the second scene shows off multiple headshots in a row very suitable for the audio track. I also rearranged the audio track so the "BOOM HEADSHOT" sequence matches the headshots in the clip, added a CheatAutomation watermark, increased quality and optimized it for Vimeo. The original video is still available at https://vimeo.com/251343834
  4. Star Wars: Battlefront II Hack Promo Video

    Unfortunately the 2D Radar didn't work when I wanted to capture it (3 days ago), as well as the ESP Traceline, Show FPS options. The song is BOOM HEADSHOT by MegaDjAlen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjsNVBnQMB0 I can re-render it with the suggestions you made.
  5. I made this short Promo Video showing off CheatAutomation in Star Wars: Battlefront II I hope you like it I wasn't able to figure out how to create a Google/YouTube account anonymously (All free SMS/verification services online have been blacklisted/flagged or been used too many times and pretending that I am below the age of 15 didn't prevent Google from requiring a phone verification) so I uploaded it to Vimeo instead, in case I can still figure I will upload it to YouTube myself, otherwise maybe anybody else can publish it on YouTube.
  6. [QUESTION]Lifetime Subscription

    So, obviously no game will be supported by CheatAutomation for as long as your lifetime spans (unless you are fragged by an aimbot early), but rather for as long as the games lifetime spans i.e. as long as there is a playerbase that has enough potential customers for CheatAutomation. So what does happen to my Lifetime Subscription for a game when CheatAutomation does no more support it? Can I convert my subscription to a Lifetime Subscription for any other game then or is it simply void? Regards!
  7. What to do?

    Do you run it as administrator? Are you using a VPN or proxy? Make sure no Antivirus or Firewall blocks the loader. Here is more information on that CloudFlare Captcha protection and why you see this: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200171816-Why-do-I-see-an-Access-Restricted-CloudFlare-Challenge-Page-from-anti-virus-cloudflare-com-
  8. Requested Games/Cheats

    Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha ( since this is obviously a triple A title and we will all want a hack for it when it is fully released, why not already have one while it is F2P? ) EPIC Games https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/
  9. are these hacks working?

    Star War Battlefront II Hack works
  10. Googl'ing Star Wars: Battlefront II Hacks before release I found there are no free public releases like there are for Star War Battlefront I (with SWBF1 barely having any AntiCheat mechanics at all this was no great issue), but came across CheatAutomation and thought I might give it a try, being a little worried this might be a scam or malware. Upon payment I instantly had access to the CheatAutomation Launcher and could load the Hack - all clean and professional. Trying to figure if this is safe and what it does I found I couldn't easily figure, no obvious DLL Injection or other behaviour that could arouse Anti-Cheat software's suspicion. So now 3 days after launch I am beyond rank 20, unlocked a fair amount of star cards nobody could ever achieve without software like this. I will definately come back to CheatAutomation for other games I want it for, because I know it is always working, it includes more and better features than others and it won't get me banned for simply activating it like others do.