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  1. Just wondering if it worked for anyone else who might have tried it before I do.
  2. About the monthly HWID reset thing...

    So that means I'm not allowed to use the mods on the computer I bought the mods on... thats just freakin great
  3. About the monthly HWID reset thing...

    By they way.. Since the other guy was last signed into my account on his computer.. Does that mean he is the only one who can sign in as me now?
  4. About the monthly HWID reset thing...

    Yea well I just don't like wasting money.. Is there any way at all that you can notify someone who works on the cheat itself? Or message robert in real life or something? I just don't want that guy who was signed into my account last to have full access to my account but I (the guy who actually bought the cheat itself) can never log onto it again on the computer I bought them on.
  5. About the monthly HWID reset thing...

    Im messaged him 5 days ago but he has not even read the message yet. I'm beginning to think he's not actually gonna get around to sorting my problem out. I would like to cherish these mods while I still can since paypal is down. My subscription runs out on the 4th so Im kind of running out of time here..
  6. About the monthly HWID reset thing...

    Yes I know that but I checked back on the launcher earlier since its a new month but my account is still locked. My router went out and I had to reset my computer. Which means the last time someone was signed into my account was on the guy i let use my accounts computer. So are you trying to tell me that guy who so happened to be singed in last on his computer will have access to my account from now on, but I can never use it again on the computer I bought it on??? what exactly am i supposed to do here?
  7. Does your HWID become available after the month itself is up? or does it mean your account becomes available after a month of being locked up? I kind of need to know since its the new month and my account is still locked up...
  8. Cant log on to the launcher

    I did, but he has not responded yet do you know when he can get back to me on that?
  9. Everytime I try to log on to my launcher it say "server can not validate my account details" I know for a fact I'm typing everything in correctly and I still have until the 4th when my subscription renews I also see on my profile that I have no restrictions being applied. So what is going on here?