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Rules of survivor reviews

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Everything about ROS hacks from CheatAutomation is great even though the aimbot kinda glitchy but you can adjust the FOV and aimsmooth of the aimbot and try to pull the mouse down a bit whenever you spray or tapping, well let's give it a rate.
-ESP to me is typically best in the market , the dev put their time on noting the objects and giving on the name of each object to me i would give it 9/10.
-Aimbot need some work to be done whenever the player crouch it's still possible to hit them with aimbot but if they lay down they are impossible to hit with aimbot on,but what can i ask for? only CheatAutomation has the best ROS hacks in the market right now 8/10.
Keep that in mind more features will probably to come to completely destroy this ROS game, Can not wait :)

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