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    Hey buddy, do you know if they are going to continue to support WOWs hack ? If not, is there any other place that CA works with that offers this same or similar program that we can purchase ? Rebel Girl does not seem to be answering my ticket so far. I tried sending you a PM but it says you can not accept PMs. Hope all is going well for you. Tnx Dakota
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    Destiny 2 cheat is not working for the past 13 hours! any update soon? Thank you in advance.
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    How long does it take to get support? I've been waiting for a few days.
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    today is a new update for d2 and the cheat r not working
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    Is service down? I keep getting invalid username/password when login, and I was getting write memory fail before. Now I get maximum login attempt reached.. update Aug 10 Login issue solved but hack is still down with a "write memory failed" popup, in wows and GTA online
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    hi destiny 2 cheat isnt working and im not getting any reply on support and i cant post in any forums
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    @RebelGirl hey this is the 7 time I create a support ticket , this is not correct, customer service which you don't have this is te second time you guys take my money and I don't get the producto or a response from you guys this is not correct @Crypt @Robert @sighber
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    can you teach me how to download hack free in ROS?
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    Very useful feedback, nice to know it is not a cheat but aids gameplay
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