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  1. Hey buddy, do you know if they are going to continue to support WOWs hack ? If not, is there any other place that CA works with that offers this same or similar program that we can purchase ? Rebel Girl does not seem to be answering my ticket so far. I tried sending you a PM but it says you can not accept PMs.  Hope all is going well for you.

    Tnx Dakota

  2. Hey Sejuth,

    Hi, had a message sir as an attachment. Thank you.


    1. sathya321


      yea the hack is down at the moment. im waiting for a reply too from the admins

  3. Dakota:

    Let me know if the settings you saw did work I may try them myself.


    1. Dakota75th


      They seem good for me. I am using them.

      Hope they help you.

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