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  1. Is service down? I keep getting invalid username/password when login, and I was getting write memory fail before. Now I get maximum login attempt reached..

    update Aug 10   Login issue solved but hack is still down with a "write memory failed" popup, in wows and GTA online

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    2. ziko1769


      hello guys

      have the same problem with you,,(write memory fail) but i have one more!!!!!!!!!!!

      in all  velocity height-table's i have this mesage.... and i don't know  what to do......


    3. sathya321


      @AetherFericia i dont play wows so didnt see that post. must the launcher be taken down to fix one game :/

    4. BadSniper


      or more than one game . well all I know is that it's is not working .

      And it's still that away as of now .

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