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  1. I paid for a World for Warships key on Tuesday the 29 September. It is now Saturday the 3rd of October. I DO NOT have a key yet. All of my attempts to contact the reseller have gone unanswered. I guess I'm out the money. This will be the last time I use CheatAutomation. To be honest I found another hack that is just as safe, works better and is cheaper and the purchasing was much smoother and instant.

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    2. Banzai


      I submitted a support ticket. Received a reply from RebelGirl. Said she would reach out to the reseller. That was 2 days ago. Still have not received my key.

    3. goxxer


      well, at least you got some form of response. I have not heard anything at all 😕


    4. goxxer


      @Banzai see message please.....:)

  2. It appears something is wrong with your PayPal payment system. Trying to purchase through PayPal and I get this message "This transaction amount is greater than your available PayPal balance. To complete purchase, please add a credit or debit card." That statement makes no sense. My PayPal is linked to my bank account there is no "available balance" does not apply. I use PayPal to pay for items several times a week and this is the first time I have ever seen that error.
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