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  1. Don't worry about it. If Robert wanted to get them back he already would have. Best course of action here is to build a better defence, which I believe Robert's cohorts already have.
  2. I hope Robert supports more mmorpg's mainly tsw and gw2 (although I've already got my own gw2 stuff)

  3. When you're one of the only developers of hacks for DayZ you can almost charge whatever you want.
  4. Your avatar looks like carl sagan. So I forgive you.
  5. wow, read the first post of this thread. You will be notified, there is NO ETA, just wait for the e-mail. I'm pretty sure he made this thread so people would stop asking lol.
  6. Or they lose interest and find a different movie. Not saying I'm going to leave, I'm just saying that as a business model making people wait is not usually a good thing. HOWEVER, CA will be one of the only providers out there with these specific hacks, so you'd be wise to stick it out.
  7. Still drunk from Canada day. @[email protected]

  8. Not really, making people wait around is a very bad business model, especially when there are other hacks around. Good example: mmohovercraft they've made people wait around for almost 2 months now and have lost 90% of their user base. In the case of CA I'm not to worried though because I know Robert is working with some long time friends of mine and their site is booming.
  9. My guess is 20 euros a month, but that's just my best guess.
  10. This place is going to be awesome, I'm really excited (even though I've already used the product line, at least here we get avatars! haha)
  11. I'd really like to know what you've expanded on in the TERA hacks from your "partners". If you expanded at all
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