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  1. GTA 5 cheats?

    Nice, well Crypt do you have any ETA or general time frame? If he beats the other provider that I'm also looking at, I will buy a lifetime sub!!! Theres some incentive for yah, hahaha!
  2. GTA 5 cheats?

    Do you guys have a general idea for an ETA of the aimbot? Are you close or still pretty far? Thats all I'm really looking for, since the in game radar is pretty good as is. Anyways, congrats on the quick release, you guys are fast!
  3. I want to buy Reign of kings Hack!

    FYI apparently they fixed a lot of things... stamina/food/H2O and speed seems to be working still Items and health are not working. (Health is split into 3 parts, head, body, legs, head is float 15, body is float 55, legs are float 30, from new spawn.) Either way I'm done with this game, I had my 10 hrs of fun, I'm bored already.
  4. [Request] Reign of Kings

    cool, actually I just wanted to update my request: Please put any consideration for this game on the absolute LOWEST priority, I am positive in 1 month this game will not be popular anymore, it is just the flavor of the month. (Right now it has the same amount of players as Rust ~8k, but I've been watching this number and I expect it to drop like a rock soon)
  5. [Request] Reign of Kings

    Early Access on Steam, more survival garbage; however, I'm a self masochist so I live for this shit. Website: http://www.reignofkings.net/web_ROK/game-info Engine: Same Engine as Starforge Anti-cheat: None (No themida bullshit, no XOR bullshit) The reason I am requesting this is because of the ease of hackability, it might be the flavor of the month but I'm positive you guys could make some quick coin. Here is what can be done, from my own experiments: -Unlimited Items (each slot is +40 (in hex) away from eachother) -Unlimited Stamina/Water/Food -Speed/Gravity/Jump -Location (teleport) What I suspect can be done but have not been able to find: -Health -Damage -Swing Speed -Crossbow/arrow reload speed What I would like to see: -ESP (Players, Animals, Nodes) -Aimbot (Players) Please let me know if anyone is interested in this, or if you would like some of my CE tables. Thanks, -Flubs
  6. h1z1

    I'm actually wondering a similar thing; how many ban reports have you guys gotten? SOE is a pain in the ass; safety in this game is crucial as I have $100's invested in EQ games and they do cross bans. If you guys are clear I may invest in CA

    arma 3 alpha isn't exactly stable, I imagine reversing will be a pain in the ass.
  8. ArmA Hack.

    no script bypass, works on arma 2 OA regular though, not sure about standalone arma 2.

    maybe when you learn where the caps lock key is?
  10. Bacon is life, bacon is love.

    bacon... cereal? Baco-ro's? The heart stopping goodness of marshmellows and bacon! MMMMMmMMMmmMmmmm! u gros ilikebacon, u gros.
  11. Newbie!

    hi... good luck... with what? Not being banned? I think we got that covered yo.
  12. Hack For War Thunder

    world of tanks with planes in it. SUPPORT THIS SHIT ROBERT OR CATDADDY! I will throw my money at you, i prewmise!
  13. Talk to me

    He's not gonna talk to you, the guy has a fucking iron will. I srsly think he was trained by the KGB never to give in and reveal secrets! They also taught him mad computer programming, ASM, and mechanical engineering skills.
  14. Talk to me

    Bala, wtf bru, u fukken kooked up or smthn?
  15. Thank You Catdaddy

    yeah 1984 actually cares about his subs. Not to mention the guy is a fukken genius.