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  1. mass effect renewal after stopping

    so, no solution then ??? Come on, robert....been with you and your former site too long to give up so easely Robert? Are you guys working on a solution ?
  2. mass effect renewal after stopping

    that page has no buttons to press for a renewal or anything else...just the info on the previous sub...
  3. i'm revisiting andromeda and would like to buy another sub after stopping my last one....however, that seems impossible. The shop keeps telling me i already bought a package and am not allowed to buy another one. Sadly i also seem unable to renew the sub....so i can't get it....Could you plz advise what to do ? I'm am only interested in the esp part...i hate searching for ages for those random encounters in SP
  4. Andromeda only for Multiplayer?

    Too bad. Would be kinda fun using in SP as well. Would it take a lot of work to change ?
  5. aimbot for ps2 infantry only ?

    Will the aimbot lock on to vehicles as well and ofc from vehicle to infantry and other vehicles ?
  6. Noted,english is not your first,second or third language...i was one on the first to join and i have 15 posts(now), you have 266.....yup...you are just trying to be popular. You say you have another hack...go play with it instead of poisoning the forum here...
  7. have you read back any of you lasts posts...you are here to bash this site and nothing else...funny. I would be busy playing the game instead of trying to be popular by bashing a site like this....
  8. i do wonder,string...if the other site is so amazing...what are you still doing here ? The reason the other site has found an esp so fast is simply because all of the hard work had been done by others. Most info can be found on underground and unknown...even a way to bypass the scripts(for as long as it lasted). That is where the big boys come to show their stuff...it get's personalized/filtered/updated and there you have your 3 day developement. Problem is...since it is all based on the same info..they all get detected then BE updates... ESP for as far as i know is not detectable...injecting scripts will always be detectable...whenever the BE boys update their routines. You can bet your ass they will integrate the scripting system of the GAME with BE and then bypassing it will be impossible.
  9. Lol, you funny. Even the masterhackers cannot get the bypass to work currently...and i'm talking about hackergods like dave and sobeit... Did you really think you could get them to panic over your pathetic attempt ? BTW AA just stated they will NOT be supporting scripts because of detection problems...have fun scripting
  10. wouldn't you guys be surprised if the hack turns out to be the same....and i know they are....same pointers,same adresses....guess what will happen when 1 gets detected...all of them will go down. I'm a long time member at most hacksites...and i know a bit more about what is real and what is not....but it's your money...good luck.
  11. Tera Hacks who is waiting for it? :D

    I am waiting for a finished hack...sadly the current one is far from finished...
  12. What Do You Drive?

    what engine do you have ? 1.6,1.8 or the famed 2.0(f20a4)...if you have the 2.0 you might want to consider rebuilding to 2.2 head with vtec... Plenty of guides on the net on how to do it. Your engine will be fine with the extra stress and you would get a very nice xp...i love the way the vtec kicks in like the hand of god...
  13. Tera Hack Coming Soon

    well..the hack as it is now is hardly a hack to reccomend...they will need to take a long hard look and decide if they want to release it here in it's current state. Releasing a hack that is not even halfway finished will drive a lot of customers away pretty fast. I don't mean to be harsh, but it would be very damaging to a starting site....and i would not like to see this site fail like too many others...
  14. What Do You Drive?

    Lol...well ok then...i drive a Honda Prelude mark 5...but build it as a sleeper. Outside is completely stock 2.0 automatic...however...under the hood i've build a 2.0 with a vtec 2.2 head supplemented with a jackson racing compressor. It now gives me 320 Bhp...the gearbox is still the good old 4 speed automatic for as long as it will hold..(same gearbox used in the legend, so it should last pretty well)... So, nothing special on the outside....but i eat bmw m series for breakfast...I love the look on their faces as i keep up with them from the lights and then slowly pull away....
  15. Tera Hack Coming Soon

    suckup......but yeah,me too. Any idea on what features will be added ?