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  1. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    if u type hes name u get to the site.... SO its same shit,.,,
  2. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    i agree with string release the hack and then update
  3. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    Dont advertise other sites with hacks please respect the rules...
  4. DayZ Hack

    when i go on my email i always hope for releasing date but i get the other info that the hack is coming soon .So can people please stop saying wrong infos.Like people talked about hack coming in about 1 week then in 1-2 days then came another week and another and so on... and now after 1 month or more it the same it coming in this week or the next .I just wanted to say that the best thing is to stop writing about weeks days of realise .I hope that Robert puts a DAMN realise day so that members of this site stop writing wrong infos .BTW I know that a lot of members are trying to get this hack from May ... in 4 moths those minor detect issues would need to be resloved and those minor so called new fetures to the hack .So i hope this hack comes within 1.8.2012 PS:im not whining or something just saying the truth.
  5. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    cya Maize have a good time in Dayz....
  6. We can all agree, this site is a joke. Right?

    Best thing is to wait for email and stop saying thats its fake we will see when the site launches .
  7. Price?

    I think it will be monthly paying (im like more than 50% sure hehehe)
  8. DayZ Hack

    Ummm 30 mins back a hacker in the uk11 server lol... broke all ppls legs (i know that beacuse i was with my 3 frends ) then.... He changed all weps gave gihllie suit and other shit i was wtf and then i fast dicconnected from that server im happy that i didint lose my stuff xD ,Beacuse Dmr is epic.(Sorry for telling u this but it was freeking scary )
  9. This hack and battler

    Not sure but probably ur buying the hack at our own risk so the will not buy another key for u thats my opininon xD
  10. Dayz Hacks are on my minf 0.,0