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  1. xD gl lol my personal favorite is the atv x10 speed in first person its bumpy as hell I tried the chopper and well... I now only use the x10 to get it off of the ground quicker then I go back to default since flying isn't easy at that speed o_O
  2. Best part of all is it only affects my characters drink / food not the Vechicles gas I turned about 25% of gas of an atv which can only go from about cherno to maybe drakon or otmel (other side of Elektro) into a trip from kamenka to the NE "airfield" Only Fault is you need to be careful because the speedometer will say like 20 or 40 if you going in the Rough terrain ( forest, if you disabled trees which is ez, but not wise since most clan servers search for that tree file -__-* ) but your actually going about 2-4 times faster than what it says xD Though don't use x 10 speed on a bike going downhill in first person with trees you will "shit" in your shorts
  3. Just wanted to say this hack is amazing!... Short sweet and simple . Been using it all day and the speed boosting thing with vehicles too ;p its funny to chase people down hide turn my speed back to default and then give em a slappin to da face xD. Today I have died 3 times to stupid aoe murder hacks that destroy a server but no longer rage just esp tents and got mah as50 back in no time! . Thanks again to the Creators, and whoever else made helped with this hack in anyway
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