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  1. Hey, i want to buy subscription for World of warships. 

    1. goxxer


      Cant send message

  2. yimosecai i m back long time i dont log i need buy the division hack only i have its debt card


    1. worlock13


      i wanna to buy a good cheat for division


  3.  i need new key 


    1. arrow


      for world of warships


  4. I wanted to buy ROS cheat.. using PayPal.. 

  5. id like to make a purchase via paypal plz

  6. hello yimosecai i'd like to make a purchase via paypal thanks!

  7. I want to buy cheat for Star Wars Battlefront II with Paypal now.
  8. Hey I was told by RebelGirl to contact you regarding a purchase using PayPal, a quick answer would be great! 

    1. Cretusef


      don't bother, noone alive a round here, consider you got scammed 

    2. Dannyx97x


      Hes slow but active on discord. you have to use the open a  ticket feature on his discord page

    3. Markstoned


      hi may i know the discord link?

  9. I was looking to purchase please

  10. hi there can i purchase a credit for a membership?


  11. I paid for a World for Warships key on Tuesday the 29 September. It is now Saturday the 3rd of October. I DO NOT have a key yet. All of my attempts to contact the reseller have gone unanswered. I guess I'm out the money. This will be the last time I use CheatAutomation. To be honest I found another hack that is just as safe, works better and is cheaper and the purchasing was much smoother and instant.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Banzai


      I submitted a support ticket. Received a reply from RebelGirl. Said she would reach out to the reseller. That was 2 days ago. Still have not received my key.

    3. goxxer


      well, at least you got some form of response. I have not heard anything at all 😕


    4. goxxer


      @Banzai see message please.....:)

  12. Hi, cheat for TD1 is again Out of Stock? no posibility return in stock?

  13. Hello, how do I purchase just WoWs (World of Warships) cheat from you?

    1. yimosecai


      Join the discord  or PM

    2. hacker3182


       26,47 is canadian dollar?

  14. Já vi que não posso confiar nesse site ninguém responde nem mesmo suporte como ter a garantia de um soft que o cliente não pode nem testar antes de fazer o pedido

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