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  1. wows hack question

    what happen noone here anymore?
  2. wows hack question

  3. wows hack question

    Hello guys last time i was here the wows hack was not save to use. but that was like some months ago how is it looking today?
  4. Division 2

    So when will the Division 2 hack relese?
  5. Requested Games/Cheats

    2 million players what about a hack for that game now?
  6. Requested Games/Cheats

    Any plans for Monsterhunter world? i mean its new its big its new and it has a save function so the save data is maybe local? i dont know but it maybe opens the way to items edidors editing currency or give youre self the boss part that never drops
  7. I buyed 3 times from kanra now. This time he was out of stock and he was able to sell within 2h responded very quick to everything and was very friendly. i m very happy about the paypal option for payment so thanks for that and thanks for doing what you doing...and i hope you keep doing it XD
  8. So i did it over amazone gift card and as we were clear on how to pay the process took us 12min.
  9. Oh and what about the workaround you had a while back? Think i cant remember it corecktly but i buyed like a prepaid for my account loaded it and that i payed with the cash on my forum account.
  10. yes but not awnsering that question as a reseller....i m using youre hacks for quite a while now they worked great and were 100% undetected. The support was always friendly and very competent oh and also quick. You can really sit back because you know things that do not work will be fixed as soon as possible. And i rly love those thinks about youre side But this story really harms your good reputation guys. And i would hate it to go away from this side because of bad paymend options especially because you have already accepted paypal as a payment in the past.
  11. i tryed got no awnser she just told me 28doller i asked for what isnt it like 20 bugs then i got no awnser