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  1. this is the first time I have used the automatic payment system I am surprised how quickly and easily it worked. Thanks for this service
  2. I have the same problem.

    1. Kasimir


      then post that under my post so we get a quicker awnser^^


  3. Hello guys!! So i just wanted to share my opinion about the World of Warships Hack after nearly 3 months of testing. Well first at all i have to say that i havened had a single day in 3 months were i couldn't use the Hack. So its very reliable and even if there is a problem it is fixed as fast as possible. My next point is the Support around it. The Support is also very fast and the World of Warships part in the forum is very informative and up to date with the game. Next point how good is it? Well i tested other Hacks out there and the CheatAutomation hack is the best if you ask me. It is by standard more accurate then the others out there and you can even increase that for single ships. Thanks to the good forum again at this point!!^^ And the last point The Price. Well as i said there are other Hacks out there. I wont say the names and the prices but the CheatAutomation hack is the cheapest if you buy a 3 month pack. If you buy a 1 month pack its in die middle price wise. But even if you buy that you just pay a fingertip more for a way better Support/Forum, 100% Up time and a more accurate Hack than the other ones. So if you ask i would recommend it 100%!!^^ Thanks for reading and sorry if my English is bad...i m German
  4. Well I got help here all the way from buying to useing the hack. The support here is very frendly and fast and the Guides here are very good written and helpful. I also like the style of the forum It looks very modern and is easy to use. And finaly The Hack for WoW´s works great a 10 out of 10 for me and i will recommend it
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