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  1. 1. A little bit, but nothing is guaranteed... 2. No names, used to on the DayZ forums you could see names of people THEY banned from a particular server. The Global bans come from Battleye - they don't put out a list. Plus you could always just change you're in-game name if you wanted to.
  2. Completely untrue to say the ban wave on multiple sites was just about "script using." Many people on other sites that do not use Scripts got banned. Scripters usually get banned individually once an Admin sees the suspicious logs and send those to BattleEye for the Global Ban. Those that use Hack programs like this one will be get caught once the hack gets detected usually in a delayed fashion. Once they've compiled a list of people using the same program they do a larger BanWave - which usually also includes scripters. It's very naive to think that ANY hack out there would be forever undetected because it doesn't give you the ability to inject scripts. There is not a single Hack that is out there which is 100% undetectable. Even Robert himself said in a previous thread that this would be a "use at your own risk" hack. Stop misinforming the public making people think that you know this was a "Script Using" only BanWave because that is a lie - and if you don't know what you're talking about then don't post it - unless you sit in BattleEyes board meetings and they told you themselves...
  3. Well, good thing he hasn't put the Hack up yet considering the mega-banwave that went out last night and today over multiple sites. How mad would you have been had we all got banned on day 1 or 2 since release? Give him time to make this solid...
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