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  1. Heroes and generals detections

    Sup Crypt long time no speak haha, I see you have become a coder here, nice man congratz. And indeed goodtimes haha.
  2. hi there, I'm an old member and i see that you guys made such a nice progress, maybe crypt and robbert remember me, not sure. Anyways, I had some questions about the Heroes and generals cheat, are you able to make the ESP see only if enemy is visible? Also how is the undetection streak? I'm looking forward hearing from you guys. Cheers, String.
  3. Sup everyone!

    hey Robert how you doing man?
  4. Sup everyone!

    great great! never been better.
  5. Sup everyone!

    Hey everyone, how is everyone doing? It's been a while for me and i came by to say hi to you folks! Gr String
  6. Thank You Catdaddy

    and i thought 1984 died, diddnt knew it was him.
  7. Need a new CD key for arma 2 oa

    anyone who is intrested pm me for keys.
  8. Hello

    Enjoy your stay here.
  9. Hello everyone!

    indeed i have.
  10. Hello everyone!

    Hey guys i've seen people making introduction topics and i was like mweh why not let me introduce myself. my name is String, and i've been here since the beginning i think if im right. I'm 21 years old and Live in the Netherlands. i'm doing IT Engineering and like it so far, my goal is to become a programmer one day. And work as a freelancer or for a company to Program. But my main goal is to work from home and spend time with my wife and kids. We have a dayz CD key store selling dayz keys for a cheap price. Just click on my Sig for the link to the topic. Hope to hear more from you guys, String~ P.S: Crypt is the coolest person I know on earth!
  11. Guild Wars 2 Hack

    Friend of mine used the guildwars 2 hack for a while no bans so far.
  12. getting new arma 2 OA key?

    yes indeed we Sell borrowed keys all of our keys were used once. if you would like to get a key for 3,99 and you dont mind the key was in use then np. Just pm me and i will pm you the link.
  13. [Arma 2 key store] Buy your keys now $3,99 each! [instant delivery] [automatic payment] [friendly support] get your keys now! STORE IS REFFILED!

    1. oswaldo360


      i cant view the store =/ dont have premission but i want to buy some.

  14. Jailbreak for iPod 4G?

    Crypt you are a programmer but you dont know how to simply jailbreak an ipod? shame on you.
  15. anti hax

    and what if the anti hax makes a shared database with other servers? once you get banned from one you will get banned from the rest.