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  1. And The Fun Begins

  2. Great day to kill some zombies.

  3. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    Botnets and shelled server's
  4. Dxtory Configuration

    Nice, This is a grade program thanks Crypt
  5. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    I'm not joking just to let you know.
  6. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    Hey Robert was the attack from multiple IPs or A singular IP if so PM me the information i will find them and they will get what they deserve.
  7. Nice hot cup of steaming coffee.

  8. DayZ Hack

    If you need any help with support glad to help.
  9. If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Crypt


      I'll PM you when I've collected my team to build it, BTW do you happen to have a nuclear bomb?

    3. M33


      I got 32LB of Plutonium239 you got any uranium 235

    4. UAV


      LOL I got the seat in the Throne to control all. Muahahahaha!!

  10. Chill About ETA

    To all the members bothering Robert about not releasing his software. If you don't like waiting don't wait go program your own Hacks for DayZ oh wait you don't know how to code a hook for any thing or even inject function directly over from a server. So people like you don't steal and leak all the hard work Robert has done. To every one bothering Robert chill i'm sick of hearing your nonsense.
  11. Universe is yours

    1. Crypt


      M33 I am your father!

    2. M33


      Cool story bro

    3. ScarFoX


      LOL! I'm your uncle

  12. We are all made from star dust.
  13. Dead silence, or when the start?

    Thanks for the info Robert we are all excited.
  14. Just trying to start conversation.