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  1. wows

    All games have been removed from being specific payment option to the all in one package due to payment issues. Currently only: (Payment Via Bitcoin)
  2. Cheat payments

    haha all good kick back and have a coffee.
  3. Cheat payments

    Thanks for letting people know Sejuth. I assume there is no expected time to get sorted at this point. Patience is a virtue and we all know you're doing what you can.
  4. Cheat of rules ba to ?

    1. xxxhello2xxx


      You mean how to not get caught? If so. On shooting games make sure you have toggle not auto aim. Allow yourself to die occasionally. This will show your not superhuman. If you are on a server with an active admin. Make sure to be extra vigilant. In games such as world of warships, there is no need for being safe. As long as you stay quiet and don't tell anyone you're fine. Fine adjustment can be found in the games subforums to allow you to maximise the efficacy of the cheat.      

  5. cheat

    If you have purchased the cheat. You are required to download the launcher in a zip file. Both are in there depending on what system you use. Unzip with the password given. Open the application with admin rights. Getting it to show in the game. 1. Log into the application with the same information on this site. 2. Drop down select your game. 3. Go into game onto the launch screen (before going into a match but after you load the game/multiplayer) 4. Tab out and then start the cheat. 5. Tab back in game and press Delete or Alt Delete.
  6. Renewal Term

    I just checked the game. You select the game then go all the way to the checkout. Just above the bottom there is an option to decline Renewal. It should be just above I accept terms and conditions.
  7. My view

    Ok... After I've been part of this community for a log time I'm going to give an honest review. The cheats are good very in fact. Sometimes it is annoying that you can't imitate allocate auto aim on the controller for some games. The servers are down occasionally and its a pain. However, it does make me play the games without cheats. The thing that annoys me the most is when the do people make 10's of threads asking why and about it. This is one of. If not the best staff I've come across. Very friendly and helpful. So when things do happen they can help you in a friendly matter making it more like a comunity. When the hacks are working they do floorlessly. I'm not looking for any reward as that may implement I'm looking for one I just wanted to let people know on my opinion on the hacks and the website.
  8. Présentation

    Hi there JKF3D. Unfortunately, this is a supply of cheats that are only available on Computer. Kind Regards xxxhello2xxx
  9. Hi All Does it haft to be Vanilla game or can it also include mods? Happy Gaming
  10. My Experiance

    So had this for a week or so and most of the hacks a prime quality. The only one that isnt superb is the Heros and Genrals as you haft to relaunch every time you go in game. I do undertand that its there as its tied to i specific exe its just a little incorviance. Otherwise very pleased with the products and will be buying them again as well as informing some gaming friends of the sight too.