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  1. I've wrote the same that follows as a review in the store. But I also want to leave this as a testimonial here. I never used any paid hacks and I always thought that these websites, where paid hacks are offered, is just shady and they're scamming thier customers. Recently I was searching around for a free hack for a specific game and finally I came to this website and I never heard of it. At first I was really impressed by the pretty layout and I saw that cheatautomation is offering not just the hack I was searching for - they have various other games which I also play. So I registrated myself even though I was still skeptikal. Then I was digging trough the open forum, I read a lot of testimonials, watched some more videos of the hacks, looked at the community and finally I opened a thread and asked some things still intrested me. The testimonials are good, the community is helping each other and my questions were really fast replied by a forum-moderator. I noticed in other threads that it is normal here that the staff is really fast and efficient. At this point I realized that all my skepticism about cheatautomation was nonsense and I dicided to go hard and buy All-Access VIP Lifetime even though it is expensive. Now, I still have the opinion that I have bought the right thing and I regret nothing. The hacks that I'm using are working great. In long turn I'll safe money because I can use all offered hacks forever. And I personally don't like monthly payments which are discharged from my account. All in all I'm very satisfied. 5/5 - would buy in next life
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