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  1. Hello, The shoppy order ID was - 14a78368-5eab-422c-8134-5753e408d124 I received one code but this did not work when I tried to redeem it - the system says it is invalid. Could you please re-send both codes to same email given in the shoppy transaction. Thanks BTW checked spam...not there.
  2. Hey !!! I bought TWO subscriptions and only got one product code WHICH DOES NOT WORK SO I paid you 50US$ for NOTHING!!!! Sort this out pal...now!!!! Transaction id 402825359W794504X Invoice id 14a78368-5eab-422c-8134-5753e408d124
  3. Can someone please show me where I can renew my subscription. I am trying to buy a subscription but I cannot see a shop anywhere:( OR you can just give me instructions and i will send payment via paypal:)
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