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  1. heh, first time i hear about this game tbh, have to check it out. Great job Robert.
  2. WKD

    Simply amazing

    Yesh, the hack has been detected Again, disappointment but I hope than everything goes well in the future. The hack really is amazing with all its features, apart from timed when it is detected.
  3. Great, so expecting new subscribers, hope you are working on the script bypass version
  4. Do you mean DayZ or the CheatAutomation DayZ Hack? As soon as it gets updated, just follow the news, there is no date set.
  5. WKD

    Simply amazing

    I can not disagree with you, it really is amazing, not just to get upper hand, but maybe even to be more friendly to other players. I wish it won't get detected for a long time and to achieve this i think the developers should make it more private - limit the users.
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