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  1. Si necesitas ayuda en español mándame un mensaje y te responderé lo mas pronto posible.

  2. Hi 1000faces! Thanks for the kind words, and also I am very glad you are enjoying the hack. If you ever need anything feel free to ask. Happy Gaming!
  3. Knine23, so glad you're now a member of the CA family and also happy that the software is able to assist you in simply having fun. If you have any questions or need some help with anything just let us know. Happy gaming friend!
  4. Thanks you so much blklbljack, we appreciate you writing a testimonial. Soooooo happy that you are enjoying the hack. These guys put a lot of hard work into these hacks so when a member tells us they're enjoying it then it really means the world to the CA team. Once again thanks for spending a moment to tell us how you feel. If you need anything feel free to ask. Look forward to seeing you around the forums.
  5. This is an AMAZING feature that no other reputable cheat provider offers. ENJOY CA FAMILY!
  6. Thank you Kiieran so much for the super-kind words, we are extremely happy that your are satisfied with the product. The guys here at CA work super-hard putting out these amazing hacks and they will appreciate every bit of what you have said. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you around the forums!
  7. Hi deepfried and thanks for the kind words, we always appreciate our members that take the time to give us their opinions! Take care and if you need anything please let us know, we'll see you around the forums!
  8. Hi BuwBuw and thank you soooo much for the kind words, we all really do appreciate it. Everyone works really hard and it is so awesome when a member like yourself notices it. I'm glad you are enjoying the H&G hack and if you ever need anything or have any questions please ask. Once again thank you so much, it means a lot!
  9. Wow modog12 super nice words! Thanks a bunch for being part of the family!
  10. Thanks for the kind words chunck1189, Crypt most definitely knows what he is doing - and the hack will only get better!
  11. Absolutely, just keep in mind that hacking has its risks - it's a Cat and Mouse game.
  12. haha, no worries DuckOff you're good to go. Thanks for the kind words, and welcome to CA! If you ever have any issues please let us know - forums, PM, or Support ticket. Once again WELCOME!
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