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  1. Great to see you TheBatman. Hopefully you become more active on the forums.
  2. I too used hacks from MPGH. They're free so they're probably the worst. They usually get detected extremely fast and in one the aimbot was jerky as hell and also ate my frames. Overall, great testimonial.
  3. It's the least I can do for you guys. I know you work hard on this and I want to help out in the community a bit.
  4. I completely agree with everything you said. CA is truly amazing.
  5. I believe Cheat Automation is THE best premium hack supplier. Their experience is great. Customer service is FLAWLESS. The hacks are the best on the market and most importantly, the most welcoming and friendly community you will EVER encounter. I recommend Cheat Automation for any of your hacking needs. Also a great community to just relax and chill with. Great work CA team!
  6. Is it okay if I got a boner as soon as I saw it? Good Job CA team! Keep up the good work!
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