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  1. hmm is this site dead ?

    Why is that. There's a lot of A games out there with alot players that. They could possibly be new customers ?
  2. hmm is this site dead ?

    iv been a member for abit of time now in the start this site here was poping but now a days it seems like no new cheat is coming out support is more or less none if you look at this cheat req post it a long time ago you even added thing there and again even longer with new cheat coming out are you guys even looking to support other games then what you have now or what is going on ?
  3. ATLAS

    any chance for Atlas cheat
  4. Requested Games/Cheats

    is there any chance for aimbot and esp for the "new game " altas @Sejuth
  5. arma 3

    now that battle eye shit have been leaked can we get arma 3 hacks again or ?
  6. scum

    are you guys looking to make some scum cheat
  7. Requested Games/Cheats

    +1 on add Sea of Thieves hack
  8. destiny 2

    Hi are you guys gonna support destiny 2 with any cheat

    @Sejuth you say it unknown atm but do we even know if it coming back ?
  10. order / sell

    i have to say that i have been a happy user of the cheat and the fast Delivery but this time order is stuck on processing and that makes me abit disappointed that am seeking help and it not as esy to get as in the old days
  11. arma 3

    hey ppl plz help me i have tryed to find arma 3 hacks for about 30 days and stil can´t find any. is ther any one that know of a side that dos them if so plz pm or point me to them Note did make a post about arma 3 if there was a chance for cheatautomation to make hacks for it again but no reply
  12. Titanfall

    So i was Think about This for some time are ca gonna make cheat for titanfall?? //noob1337