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  1. its released today, when will the hack be ready? not asking to be pushy, i'm just curious
  2. Ghost Recon Wildland

    will it be for the open beta thats going on...cuz it'd be nice to try it out before deciding if i want the game... edit: who am i kidding, you guys always come through and i'm a life-timer...lol
  3. Ghost Recon : Wild lands

    oh okay, no worries...keep up the good work guys
  4. its closed beta this weekend, is the hack gonna be available for it?
  5. i've been using the hack since beta... haven't had a problem... challenge solo depends on your gear TBH... i'm at 204, MIGHT be able to solo it, but it'd still be annoying, a lot easier to jus grab a group... hold your own in dz, yes...again need better gear though increased gain in gear, hell ya....cuz u can beat missions a lot faster
  6. The division question

    no, and they never will add it
  7. This is important! (Devs read)

    they used to have a DayZ hack, i've asked rob about bringing it back before...but it kept getting detected so they removed it... made me sad, because i REALLY liked their hack for it... had player/zombie ESP, item ESP, aimbot...all the good stuff, really hope they can do another one thats undetectable
  8. Division Hack on PVP?

  9. ^someone doesn't pay attention to the forums
  10. New to the community

    welcome to thunderdome!