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  1. I have been using this hack for almost 3 years and I have never really had any big issues with this program. The support is amazing any problems I had were fixed right away. If you want to dominate and have the upper hand and be ahead of the hardcore players, get this hack, it wont let you down. I believe that it is safe and I got no complaints, ill play some games and notice other players getting banned for hacking yet, here I am still hacking to this day. I have used or am using the hack for : BF4 Star Wars Battlefront The Division Rainbow Six H&G GTAV TITAN FALL Have fun and Hack it up : D
  2. I really like the name as well sounds sleek !
  3. I read this and a few other before subbing and I really enjoyed this one!
  4. I play BATTLEFIELD 4 and I have been using this hack for about 1 week and its great! So many different settings, seems pretty safe to use, I was using all the hardcore stuff on it, but now I am using the FAIRFIGHT preset and its great, no problems, I play on all sorts of different servers ranging from normal to hardcore and I see other people getting banned by PB=PunkBuster prolly cause they use hack from other sites, but I still play on those servers hacking 24/7 and owning it up and not one problem : ) The customer service and Help and Support from the mods and creators of this product are amazing, they always get back to you and are very helpful, the small problems that I did have, they helped me fix asap! The community on this forum is also very nice and everyone seems to help each other : ) In the past I have hacked other games, I used a hack from MPGH, Im not bashing and this was also a few years ago, but I got banned after 1 day of using their software, I have seen and read up on a few others and this is by far the best one out there. They got this like thing in the software that helps you not get caught, these guys are genius's. Me and a couple friends are all using this BF4 Hack and its awesome! so much 1337 haha!
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