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Ever wonder how some players and squads seem to know exactly where you are and can snipe you from hundreds of meters away? Many of the top players in Apex use cheats that let them track the locations of other players, and lock onto them with an aimbot that gives them nearly perfect accuracy.

The smartest players don't make it blatant and obvious that they're cheating, so you might not even realize they're using hacks, and they'll play for season after season rarely losing a game.

That can be you as well. Below we'll cover using Apex Legends hacks to get the definitive in-game advantage so you can start stacking up victories.

How Do Cheats Work In Apex?

An Apex cheating program which you run on a PC can load new code into the game that give you new powers or abilities not normally possible. As you can imagine, this is a big advantage that nearly no one else has, more powerful than any in-game weapon upgrade or temporary skill.

The most powerful cheat features include aimbots which can lock-on to other players and give you incredible accuracy, or ESP which lets you see other players through walls and objects so you always know where they are. These kinds of features are made possible by reading the game's memory while it's running on your computer, and injecting new code which enables new visual elements and features.

The Best Apex Hack Features On PC

If you want to dominate, get tons of kills and survive to the end every round you play, these are the cheats that you'll want to use.

  Apex Aimbots  

With aimbots you can deal damage faster than ever with any weapon you're using. With the help of an aimbot you can stay on target and maximize your accuracy to hit with more shots, helping you to take down an opponent before they can get many good hits in on you. Using an aimbot can often be the difference between winning a fight and going down, since being able down an enemy quickly will let you turn your attention to other members of their squad.

Aimbots can be designed to prioritize different areas on an opponent's body. In many cases you'll want to prioritize aiming at an opponent's head to do that extra damage. With some weapons like a shotgun however it can be better to prioritize aiming at the chest or center of the body to ensure that as much of your shot connects as possible.

In Apex you may also want to avoid blatantly cheating and being reported by other players. To stay under the radar, you can adjust your aiming settings to lower your lock-on area on your screen that the aimbot activates within. This ensures your aim isn't snapping around between targets and giving away that you're cheating.

  Apex ESP  

ESP cheats let you see exactly where other players are on the map at all times. This means you can track the locations of opponents and other squads from the time you're dropping in on the map, down to the final circle. This gives you an absolutely massive advantage and is the only feature you really need to win every match you play. Smartly using this information to engage your opponents on your terms will make the difference between victory and defeat, as running straight at someone through an open area will rarely end well.

Features like Box ESP and health ESP are helpful on-screen elements that let you see the location and status of your opponent. See a squad all clustered up? A 'lucky' grenade might do most of your work for you and catch them unawares. 

  2D Radar Hacks  

This is a helpful feature to have to give yourself eyes in the back of your head. With radar you always know if other players are approaching you from other directions, as this indicator is always visible and on-screen no matter where you're looking. If you like to hang back and snipe opponents from a distance, 2D radar will be your best friend for keeping you informed of your surroundings while you're staring through a scope.

Why Use Hacks In Apex Legends?

There are several reasons that players might be interested in utilizing hacks while playing Apex Legends. The primary reason is because it is a competitive game and players always want to give themselves any advantage that they can find, even if it requires breaking rules and manipulating the game's code to offer advantages.

We are going to explore some of the possible ways to use hacks for an advantage in a traditional match of Battle Royale of Apex Legends, but keep in mind that any time that you download cheats or hacks, you run the risk of getting caught and serving a punishment. For some players, the advantage is worth the risk, but for others, it can turn out to be a regrettable decision.

Some of the most common hacks that you find for competitive online games typically focus on enhancing the player's abilities. 

The Best Cheat Features

  • Lock-On Aimbot
  • Bone Aim Selection
  • 3D Player ESP
  • Warning System
  • 2D Radar
  • In-Game Cheat Menu

This could mean that you could see through walls, run faster than opponents, have unlimited supplies, or even change the score of the match itself. Apex Legends is not immune to hacks and cheats, and there are already thousands of players that take advantage of these opportunities. 

Is It Worth Cheating In Apex Legends?

Apex Legends has been around for a little bit more than a year. Over the course of the last twelve months, countless hacks, cheats, and game trainers have been released for players to utilize in online competitive matches. Apex Legends is an online ranked first-person shooter, and players are going to have to decide if they want to play with integrity or take advantage of cheats.

There are risks anytime you attempt to hack, but the advantages are typically pretty significant for anyone who decides to hack. This is a tough decision for players in Apex Legends, because less-skillful players are typically interested in evening the playing field and downloading hacks is one of the best ways to do that.

The future of Apex Legends will likely continue to see a battle between hackers and the development team, but in most cases, hackers actually end up winning this battle. The reason for this outcome in a majority of cases is because the development team will eventually be forced to stop supporting the game, and they will have to move on to a new game project at some point. Hackers and loyal players don't necessarily ever have to move on, so there are typically a few months or years towards the end of a game's life-cycle where hackers dominate online matches while the servers remain open.

Eventually, most developers typically shut down the servers after several years of isolation and hackers move on to a new game and the cycle starts all over again. This has existed in the online gaming world for many years, it has existed in the last generation, the current generation, and there is no doubt that it will exist in the next generation of gaming as well.

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  The State Of Hacking Apex Legends In 2020  

Apex Legends has evolved into a popular online first-person shooter game. The concept behind this game is based on a Battle Royale game mode that will reward the longest-lasting survivors. The game was developed and released by Electronic Arts in February of 2019. This popular game is ultra-competitive and can provide hours of entertainment for players that want to compete, battle, and fight for victory with their squad mates.

At the beginning of every match, you can select a legendary character and utilize their special abilities in an attempt to achieve victory. You will have to make imperative strategy calls in real-time to try and defeat up to 60 other opponents per match. You will be placed into a three-man squad, so you will have to use your teammates wisely as you journey through each competitive battle-royale match.

We have obviously uncovered a lot of interesting details about hacking and cheating in online competitive games like Apex Legends. There are certainly some appealing advantages to cheating, but some players are too afraid that they will be banned.

If you are interested in learning about game trainers and additional hacking opportunities, then this page is a great place to start. We have already covered several of the most common methods for cheating in Apex Legends. You will now have to decide for yourself whether you have what it takes to be a cheater in Apex Legends. Create an account with us if you're interested in getting our cheat upon its release!