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How You Can Dominate In RB6 With Hacks

Ever wondered how some players seem to always know where you are no matter what you do? How they always happen to be watching the exact spot where you happen to be breaching their defenses?

Cheats are more common than you might think in RB6: Siege, many of the top players use cheats like ESP and radar to know exactly where you are so that they can always have the drop on you.

The best cheaters in Rainbow Six know how to hide the fact that they're using wallhacks so you're less like to suspect them. So how do you beat them? Using your own hacks you can keep the upper-hand and help bring your team to victory each and every round.

How Do RB6 Hacks Work?

These cheats are software programs which are injected into the game, and run new code which adds visible elements to the game, like drawing boxes around players whether they're visible or not.

Other common ESP features include nametags, health bars, tracelines displaying where players are aiming, grenade ESP and much more. These cheat features only appear on the player's screen who is using the cheats, so they aren't visible to spectate unless the user is always staring at you straight through a wall.

The Best Rainbow Six Siege Hack Features

If you want to get the upper hand in RB6: Siege, you'll need the features that will make the difference to get you the win. Here are some of the most popular cheat features in the game.

  RB6 Aimbots  

Aimbots will help you dominate in the game by automatically locking onto enemy players and giving you near-perfect accuracy when shooting. With an aimbot you can quickly snap to an enemy and not have to worry about missing, as the cheat will keep you on target. These cheats can be configured in a number of ways, from adjusting the area on your screen where they will lock-on to enemies within, to changing the speed at which the aimbot will adjust your aim. These features are important, as they help make sure that other players don't notice you're cheating by using settings that make your aiming look more human and less robotic or 'snappy'. If you want to consistently have the most kills on the scoreboard every round, an aimbot will be a big help.

  ESP Cheats  

With ESP as we discussed earlier, you'll be able to see exactly where every player is on the map around you in 3D space. That means you can tell exactly which door or entrance an enemy is watching when you're making a push, and you can hunt down lone wolves that are away from the rest of their team. ESP features like tracelines can let you see where another player is actively looking, so you can wait until they look away before you push them. ESP cheats can be configured to your liking, giving you the option to choose which features you want to use and disabling the others to avoid clutter on your screen.

  2D Radar Hacks  

While not as flashy as other cheat features, 2D radar gives you an idea of where other players are at a glance, with an on-screen overlay much like a minimap showing players in a 360 degree radius around you. This can be handy to keep yourself abreast of the locations of the enemy team without having to spin around and potentially indicate that you are wallhacking. In RB6 siege it's also easy to get focused on one player and lose some of your situational awareness, which could give an opponent an opportunity to sneak up behind you. That's not possible with the help of the 2D radar cheat.

Is It Worth Cheating In RB6: Siege?

If you find yourself getting frustrated with the game when you get randomly killed through a tiny hole in the wall, or lose ranked matches due to poor team-mates, using cheats can help you have more fun in the game and rank up easily as you'll be able to almost single-handedly carry each match you play. Always knowing the locations of other players will let you form strategies easily and even learn better how your opponents play when you can see their every move around the map.

That being said, there's always the risk of getting banned in Rainbow Six Siege when cheating, so you have to consider if you're willing to take that risk. Since the game does have an aggressive anti-cheat system, bans are more common than in some other games, and other players will be quick to report you even when you aren't cheating if you play well.

The Best RB6 Cheats

  • Lock-On Aimbot
  • Priority Bone Aiming
  • 3D Player ESP
  • Trap & Explosive ESP
  • 2D Radar
  • In-Game Cheat Menu

How To Use Hacks In Rainbow Six Siege 


The most important part of using cheats in any game is loading them correctly. Especially in cases with games that use anti-cheats like Battleye, it's important that the cheat be loaded in such a way that the anti-cheat doesn't have a chance to detect the cheat injection.

Most cheats are loaded into computer memory using an injector before the game is even started, to prevent detection of the cheat injection by the anti-cheat. Some games like Valorant have anti-cheat that actively blocks software from even being run when the anti-cheat is active in order to try to prevent secure injection of cheat code into the game.

Regardless, you'll want to make sure you are following the hack instructions in order to securely load the software. At CheatAutomation we include easy to follow cheat guides for every game we support to make this process as simple as possible.


When your hack software is injected into the game, you'll want to make sure all your settings and configuration is set up exactly how you want it. With many cheats like ours you can access an in-game cheat menu to configure your features, which makes it easy to create your perfect setup as you can see the changes you're making in real time in the game. Some cheats will require you to edit a config file outside of the game which can require a lot of trial and error to test your settings in game after making each change.

When you are deciding which cheat features you want to use, keep in mind that screen real-estate is valuable. If you have too many ESP elements on screen for example, it can make your in-game view cluttered with lots of bars and boxes distracting you. You may want to decide which features are most valuable to you, and disable the others. Some features may be situational. For instance, if you want to go after a particular opponents who's trash-talking you, then name-esp will be valuable to hunt them down, but you might not want it on otherwise.

When configuring your aimbot, decide whether you want to avoid letting other players see that you're cheating, as if you're blatantly aimbotting it'll be obvious on the spectator screen. You'll want to use the features like aim smoothing and custom FOV to make your aimbot look more human.


It's time to start cheating! You can join a match and start to play around with the hacks. If you want to avoid suspicion,  take care not to run straight to the location of an enemy every round as it can be quite an obvious giveaway. It's also easy to make mistakes when you play too aggressively, and an opponent may be able to take you out first if you run straight at them. It's always better to use features like ESP to figure out where an opponent is going and get behind them. Now that you have access to the hacks you'll have lots of fun opportunities to set up cool kills whether you're breaching in through a window or rappelling down from a roof.

Also don't forget to help out your team-mates! Use your wallhacks to mark where players are to give other members of your team some easy kills so you aren't the only one on the scoreboard!

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