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Precision Bone Aimbot


Packed with ESP Features


Tactical 2D Radar


Easy In-Game Menu

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With the Cheatautomation SWBF2 Hack, top the scoreboards as you decimate the enemy with our deadly bone aimbot, full ESP, and 2D radar. Earn thousands of battle points to spawn with the most powerful vehicles and heroes. As you earn tons of experience and credits you’ll be able to earn more chests than ever before, getting you the rare drops to change the course of matches, and unlocks to pimp out your classes!

Take control of the battlefield

Deadly Lock-On Aimbot
Become an unstoppable force on the battlefield with our precision lock-on aimbot. Eliminate entire squads of players before they know what hit them, whether from afar with a 8x scope or up close and personal with a blast cannon. Adjust your deadliness on the fly, with customizable features for aimbot speed, accuracy, lock-on area and more.

Extrasensory Perception
Keep track of enemy player postions at all times with our fully featured 3D ESP that delivers all the information you need, including player nametags, boxes, health, head-dots and more. Every ESP option can be toggled, allowing you to customize your in-game view to your liking. Hunt down the opposition and avoid being caught out of position with this essential tactical information.

2D Radar
Maintain 360-degree awareness at all times with Cheatautomation’s 2D Radar which lets you see the locations of your allies and opponents in a 360-degree area around you at all times. Whether you’re behind enemy lines or worried about being snuck up on while sniping from afar, this is a must-have feature.

Rank Up and Gear Up
Top the scoreboards in every match and gain ranks faster than ever before as you gain tons of kills, assists, and objective points with the help of our SWBF2 hack. Earn more battle points, ensuring you can spawn with the most powerful vehicles and hero characters, further increasing your match performance and earning more loot crates than you ever could before. Load into every match with valuable star cards to turn the battle in your favor!

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Fully loaded with features..

Precision Bone Aimbot

  •  Auto Aim
  • Custom Aim Key
  • Customize FOV (Field of View)
  • Aim Smoothing
  •  Ping Correction
  •  FPS Correction
  •  Muzzle Correction
  • Lock-On Indicator

Full ESP

  •  Line ESP
  •  Nametag  ESP
  • Distance ESP
  •  Healthbar ESP
  •  Box ESP
  •  Head-dot ESP
  •  Skeleton ESP
  • Traceline ESP

Miscellaneous Options

  •  Mouse Driven In-Game Menu
  •  Fairfight Undetected
  •  Game Client Undetected
  •  2D RADAR
  •  Move Radar
  •  Resize Radar Spread
  •  Custom Crosshair
  • Display FPS
  •  Display Resolution
  •  Display Time
  •  Display Watermark

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Outstanding product

Robert, I want to congratulate you and your team for creating an outstanding product(s). Your team’s dedication to providing a HACK that is easy to use and safe is simply outstanding.

All-Access VIP
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This is the only website I ever did get subscription cheats/hacks for any game, the service is so easy, and the launcher is a point and clicks and ready to go...All in all Best website to buy from...

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Key Information Updates

Get up-to-date cheat statuses and cheat changelogs.

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Use an SWBF2 Hack To Gain An Edge

Are you an avid player of Star Wars Battlefront 2? This is one of the most successful video games that carried the name of the franchise. A huge reason for this is that the game immerses players in the different planets found in the movies. This provides a new kind of gaming experience, which is enhanced even more by the jaw-dropping graphics. While Battlefront is certainly fun to play, there’s no question that it can be challenging as well. Even if you’re a long-time player of shooting games, you might find it frustrating how your opponents seem to beat you with ease.

SWBF2 Hack

As you play the game, you will inevitably get better at it. You will develop particular strategies to beat other gamers. However, you will also find that some players can keep on killing you out of nowhere. Even when you’re hiding behind walls and obstacles, they seem to see your character, giving them all the time to make you their prime target. Well, don’t make the mistake of thinking that these players are just so good at the game. They are most likely using an SWBF2 hack to destroy the competition.

No matter how fun it is to play the game, you can get bored pretty quickly if you compete against other players who use aimbots, SWBF2 ESP, and other cheats. But who says you can’t do the same? To even up the playing field, you can use a Star Wars Battlefront 2 cheat as well. You’ll be amazed by how much of a difference it creates in your gaming experience. While others frown upon this practice, you just might find that it’s the key to making Star Wars even more enjoyable to play.

It’s worth noting that you can use a Star Wars Battlefront 2 hack without worrying about legal matters. However, it goes against the game’s Terms of Service. This means that you run the risk of getting banned when you get caught. This is the risk you have to take whenever you decide to use a Battlefront hack. But thankfully, it’s pretty easy to remain low key so other players won’t notice you’re hacking, thus your account won’t get reported.

By far, the most popular hack in the game is the SWBF2 aimbot. This allows you to shoot down enemy targets accurately without even aiming manually. You’ll be so precise with your shots, which means you can demolish your opponents in no time. What’s great is that you can configure this hack. You can “turn it down” a bit to reduce accuracy so you will not get noticed by other players.

You can use an aimbot in the game however you want, whether you want to rage and top the scoreboards in every match you play,  or you want to stay ‘under the radar’ and prevent anyone else from being able to tell that you are using cheats. We can say from personal experience that it is very easy to go wild with the cheat and kill anyone you come across as you try to get enough battle points to activate one of the hero units. And when you are flying through the air with Boba Fett you will find it difficult not to go on a killing rampage with all his abilities at your fingertips.

Cheat ESP is another game-changing feature. With this enabled you will be able to see the locations of all opponents at all times, so you won’t have to worry about an opponent managing to sneak past you to capture an objective. Each ESP feature can be enabled or disabled, so you can decide if you want to be able to see an opponent’s health above their character, or the direction they are looking in. With ESP you can be deadly with any of the classes or characters available, since knowing where the enemy is, is extremely powerful in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

If you want to seek revenge against players who have been dominating you in the game, then be sure to try using an SWBF2 hack. It can prove to be just what you need to gain an edge over the competition. Just remember that using any form of hack comes with the risk of getting banned. Try to be reasonable when using cheats to remain under the radar and continue having fun beating your opponents.

The details


  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7


  • Undetected by Fairfight
  • Undetected by Game Client

Hardware Locking

  • Locks to 1 Computer
  • 6 Unlocks per month


  • $14.88 USD Monthly
  • $29.88 USD Quarterly
  • $68.88 USD Lifetime