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Win Non-Stop Matches And Infuriate Your Opponents With ESP!

Want to win match after match, rank up fast to earn unlocks and quickly expand your blood web? CheatAutomation's Dead By Daylight cheat will help you quickly repair every generator and escape as a survivor, or mercilessly hunt everyone down as the Killer, no matter how hard they try to hide.

If you've ever played a match of DBD where the killer always seemed to know exactly where you were, they may have had access to ESP cheats letting them see your exact location even behind obstacles or across the entire map.

With the help of CheatAutomation's software you can play the game your way and either easily evade the killer by tracking their every move, or using the ESP to hunt down survivors no matter how deftly they try to escape and evade you.

How Do Cheats Work In Dead By Daylight?

The most powerful cheats in DBD are ESP or wallhacks that let you know exactly where your opponent is. In a game like this, knowledge is everything, since no matter which role you're playing you want to find or evade the other player.

A cheat is code which when loaded or injected into the running game will enable new features that aren't normally possible, like drawing big colored boxes around players so you can easily see where the survivors or killer is at all times. These ESP elements persist even if you can't necessarily visually see the player in the game, so no matter how far away they may be, you'll still know exactly where they are. Other cheat features you may see in Dead By Daylight may include 2D radar on your screen that lets you keep track of other players even if you aren't looking directly at them, or a warning system that can tell you if the killer is looking at you, and has likely seen you, for example.

With the help of a cheat injector or launcher, your cheat can be easily and securely loaded into the game, making it super easy to start using cheats even without much if any technical experience.

The Best DBD Hack Features On PC

If you're looking to get the maximum advantage in your online matches, these are the cheats features you'll want to use.

 DBD Aimbot 

An aimbot isn't the most important feature in Dead By Daylight since it's only needed for getting the occasional skill shot as the killer, but it can be a nice feature to have none-the-less. With an aimbot you can automatically lock on to another player like a survivor, and keep your reticule on them so you're more likely to hit with an attack or ability. This can be helpful to make sure you get those solid hits and avoid missing and losing an opportunity to down a survivor. That being said, it's only with a few killers that this feature really shines.

  DBD 3D ESP  

With ESP hacks you can see the exact locations of all other players, and possibly items or interactable objects in the map as well.

It's obvious how helpful ESP is, since you can either use it as a survivor to avoid the killer while you find item chests or repair generators. On the other hand as the killer you can use this feature to quickly hunt down every survivor to have a perfect round. Isn't it frustrating when you hook a survivor and you step away just to immediately have another player save them? With this feature you'll always know if other survivors are nearby and if you should camp a hook to catch a second survivor!

ESP features can include 3D boxes, nametags, healthbars, tracelines and much more. Tracelines are a helpful feature which will let you see the direction a player is looking and can indicate whether they have seen you or know where you are. 

  2D Radar Hacks  

With 2D radar you will have an on-screen box or indicatiors that show where other players or entities are in a 360 degree radius around you. This DBD cheat is most helpful when you're a survivor and being pursued by a killer, since you can see how far they are behind you, and possibly whether you've lost them. 

Why Use Hacks In Dead By Daylight?

If you want to give yourself an instant advantage in DBD, there's no easier way than with cheats. You can enable them and immediately start winning just about every match you play with the help of ESP features that let you see exactly where other players are at all times.

Want to rank up and level up your blood web fast? You'll earn tons of points as you absolutely dominate every match you play whether as a killer or a survivor, getting tons more perks and improving your killer or survivor with the help of the cheats.

With DBD hacks you can choose how much of an advantage you want to give yourself so the game doesn't become too easy. You can choose to only use some features like the radar, or toggle off the features and only use them sparingly. With our cheat you can even set a distance limit so that ESP will only show up when other players are nearby if you want to give yourself a handicap.

The Best Cheat Features

  • Lock-On Aimbot
  • Item/Interactable ESP
  • 3D Player ESP
  • Warning System
  • 2D Radar
  • In-Game Cheat Menu

Regardless, you'll find that using the cheats helps you to become a better player as you can see how other players move around the map using the ESP and can start to learn better how to counter your opponents and improve your performance even without the cheats!

  The Basics Of Hacking Dead By Daylight  

Step One.  If you're using a cheat like CheatAutomation's, you'll first start by running the cheat launcher which is where your cheat will be loaded from. From the launcher software, you can select the cheat you want to load. In this case, you'll select the Dead By Daylight hack, and load it. The launcher will securely stream the cheat from our servers and prepare it for injection into the game.

Step Two.  After you start your game and the cheat is injected, you'll be able to configure every feature through an in-game menu. If it's your first time loading the cheat you can use the default settings with are fine for most users, or configure them to your liking. One you have created a custom config, it can be saved and then loaded next time you use the cheat so you always have your ideal settings ready to go.

Step Three.  Now you can start winning and dominating every match you play of DBD! You'll have to decide whether you just want to decimate everyone you come across, or use the features sparingly to just give yourself a smaller advantage. Whether you play solo or with your friends you'll have access to features that make you pretty unstoppable in every match you play!

Is It Worth Cheating In Dead By Daylight?

If you're here, you are probably already interested in cheating in DBD for your own reasons. The question then becomes, is it worth it?

The advantages of using cheats are speeding up your in-game progression, improving your game knowledge, and winning a ton of matches. Using hacks in Dead By Daylight can be a ton of fun and breathe new life into a game by opening up a new way to play and experience the game.

That being said, cheating isn't without it's risks. There's always a chance of getting banned in any multiplayer game for using hacks, and this risk is present in DBD. The game uses Easy Anti-Cheat, an anti-cheat software that is very invasive on your PC and scans your open windows and files to try to detect cheats.

Since there is a chance of getting banned, you shouldn't cheat if you aren't willing to lose your game account. Luckily, the game is available very cheaply now, so if you were to be banned it's easy to pick up another copy. But if you have a lot of money or time invested into your account it may not be worth it for you.

At CheatAutomation we put a lot of time and effort into making our game hacks as safe to use as possible but no cheat is ever 100% safe and this type of software can eventually be detected if the game developer is willing to put enough effort into detecting a cheat. 

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