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  1. Star Wars Battlefront Beta Hack Released!

    Thank for the fast Hack But for the future i would prefer to set the FOV more sensible.. not only in +5 steps.. Im a Fov 2 Player And SmartTags for ESP would be good against Fairfight. thank u Schabernack
  2. doubt of payment

    Yep, u can cancel it later at ur paypal account. No doubts, im client here over one year...
  3. Rainbow Six Siege Beta Hack for All-Access VIPs!

    Thats why im a lifetimer. CA is just in time i confirm with saxmans post.
  4. I DID IT

    After beeing a client with some monthly subs, i choose to become a LIFETIME MEMBER. Hope ME and CA will have a long and prosper life hehe And never forget, Cheat like a gentleman. Make the Game easier for u and not harder for ur opponent salute Schabernack
  5. Battlefield HardLine

    yeah... i cant await
  6. Heroes & Generals

    Buy or Die
  7. Titan Fall 50% Off!

    I got it these days at Amazon via DigitalKey for 23€.
  8. Battlefield Hardline Beta Hack Released

    Right time befor beta ends. nice Smarttags option dont run for me. i see all the enemy... covered or not.