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  1. Can you instruct me on how to watch replays? I have tried to follow instructions on youtube but it did not work for me.

    1. Vegita


      To watch a replay you must bring up "game central"

      Click on "Game Settings" and chose "Show in a folder"

      Now go into your replays map and dubbelclick on the file you want to watch..


      Sorry for late replay, I been busy

    2. xxxx


      No problem I looked at your reply late lol.

      Thank you for the instructions!

  2. Dakota:

    Let me know if the settings you saw did work I may try them myself.


    1. Dakota75th


      They seem good for me. I am using them.

      Hope they help you.

  3. Do you know if it would be safer to buy a memory stick and install the hack on it then put it in the USB port while in port? After doing that you could run CCcleaner and every time I enter the game there would be no trace of the hack on any drive? Just wondering what you think as I am no computer genius?

  4. Artificial Aiming will be offering a Battlefield hack I think it begins on Nov 20th.


  5. Artificial Aiming will be offering a Battlefield V hack with many features and I think it starts on Nov 20th.


  6. When will the hack be updated?

    I was kicked to desktop when playing.

  7. I have had this WoW hack for a while but have not done a review. First let me say I was a member of another site and theirs did not work as good as this one does. This has has been awesome for me because of two reasons. 1. It works 2. I have bad eyes and if it were not for this I could not play computer games and them be enjoyable. So I guess you could say it helps us who are visually impaired. Thanks for making such a great aim assist.
  8. Like some others here who have handicaps I to deal with shacky hands and poor eyesight. The hack has allowed me to to be somewhat successfull. It is not a true aimbot due to the game being server side. But the aim assist does help me allot. CA has done a good job on the WoW hack. I still am slow at climbing the ladder but I enjoy being able to play the game.
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