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  1. Requested Games/Cheats

    There will never be cheat for game with EAC (The Division 2, Apex Legends...), deal with it.
  2. Cheat is not safe anymore!

    Which one?
  3. Hack for For Honor

    I am still hoping that somebody is selling/working somewhere in the depths of the Internet on hack for For Honor. The game has now pretty low gaming comunity, but it is still in my heart:)
  4. Destiny 2

    Update from my POV: The game will use P2P connections only = garbage and joke in 2017... I will ignore this game because of it. The game will use Battle.net as a client... = IMHO no hacks will be released for this game.
  5. Topic of pure love

    Forum is usually a place full of hatred. Even I've been angry here several times. That's why I would like to write here tonight that I love you all and that CheatAutomation has fundamentally changed my player life. So I would like to thank CheatAutomation and the people who are behind it.
  6. Destiny 2

    I think that real problem will be quality of the game rather then technical solution. First Destiny was average.

    Yeah, but you have to send them your photo with your ID = it makes me laught:) And their price is a joke too (50 USD)
  8. Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 has been announced for PC. Release date September 8.
  9. we need FOR HONOR HACK.

    It doesn´t matter anymore. This game is way past its point of fame and gradually declined during the month lost 66% of the gaming population. I have 176 hours in For Honor, using hack from another site and it was fun, but now it´s over, because EAC did some serious update and is tracking autoblock and auto guard break mechanics. Cheatautomation blew an opportunity.
  10. Ghost Recon : Wild lands

    Well, it is Ubisoft game... The Division, For Honor, GR Wildlands, all had good ideas, but the execution was terrible.
  11. Ghost Recon : Wild lands

    Go grab some fries for that salt...
  12. The Division 1.6

    Not yet
  13. we need FOR HONOR HACK.

    +1 for For Honor hacks. 3 Other sites already have it so please hurry:(
  14. Requested Games/Cheats

    + Escape from Tarkov + For Honor