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  1. Requested Games/Cheats

    That's funny considering there are plenty of sites offering hacks for both the games you listed.
  2. Requested Games/Cheats

    Yeah Apex Legends needs a hack. You guys still make hacks right?
  3. Apex Legends Cheat???

    Yeah I second this. Pretty sure they're using Easy Anti Cheat.
  4. cant buy

    Use one of the resellers. I used Sejuth.
  5. PU Battleground

    The only place I have seen the PUBG hack publicly advertised are charging $50 for it and you have to provide ridiculous identification to even be considered. It's BattleEye, they will be detected and banned in massive waves that's why no-one is developing it besides that one dogshit site that everyone knows constantly gets their customers detected and banned.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Who bought it?
  7. hacker

  8. There are already hackers everywhere spawning gear and teleporting so it doesn't look like they have much working in the way of an anti-cheat. One of the other sites already has a hack out but you can only buy it as part of a package.

    I'll be buying this hack for sure, don't play DayZ anymore but am loving the Arma3 alpha (when it isn't fucking crashing).
  10. H-hi guys!

    So does anyone here like videogames?
  11. Its tuesday :P

    This. I would rather wait a little longer than get detected right away.
  12. Can't wait for this hack

    Thanks guys, I'll check it out.
  13. Can't wait for this hack

    Haha yeah I need to get some recording software but FRAPS makes my game lag too much. Is there anything different that you guys use?
  14. Other Hacks

    That site got so shit so fast, all the kids got drawn in by the ARMA hack, I'm still over there but it is painful browsing those forums.
  15. Concerned

    Is he letting it all go through BE now? I haven't been on the forums for a while and last time I was there rocket was flipping his shit because people were asking him to reverse the BE global bans.