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  1. DUmb question....

    everyone wants the ability to spawn items even though it will lead to you getting banned!!!!!!!!
  2. Standalone DayZ

    If they go standalone though, there will be a modified engine or whatnot, they may even use a different engine so the hack might be down for a while
  3. If DayZ hack gets patched

    clearly the coder can update the hack to work with the current version, I swear some of you people shouldn't even pay for cheats if you don't know the standards behind them.
  4. Motherf******

    I find it ironic you complain other hackers ruin the game. The script based sites have invisibilty and godmode as part of their scripts. I've been using various cheats throughout the years and it is fun to see which cheat performs better in certain situations and what not.
  5. Other PM.

    I don't know how many times he has stated the only supported payment method is paypal.
  6. I know helios won't be detected because he isnt using any scripts. People of CA LISTEN Robert said you will be able to script Inject! The script bypasser WILL get you banned!
  7. I bid you goodbye.

    due to time constraints i am migrating to another better known site that can provide me with my dayz cheat fix. Nothing against this site but i have to start my schooling again soon and can't afford to waste too much time. I hope for the best for this site and Robert, and everyone who decides to stick around here. -Jables
  8. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    why is this forum a bad meme page now
  9. DayZ Hack

    well robert has stated a few times the hack would be released shortly but, it keeps getting delayed. hopefully by the end of this week we will have it but don't hold your breath
  10. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    gifs are for reddit kthxbye.
  11. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    didn't robert say he wasn't giving anymore estimates. This is why you don't give estimates because you get peoples hopes up only to be let down.
  12. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    its not coming out today, He said "should" be ready
  13. DDoS Attack & Estimated Launch Date

    "Should" lol jk jk welcome back fellow ddosers. Do we know who did it? A rival hacksite or just some butthurt russians?
  14. Frequently asked questions.

    why does he have a monocle