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  1. Hi there, is there a problem with the store atm? I can only see the 1/3month vip for sale, I'm only after Division.

  2. hey dude, do you know if Division ESP/Aim is currently working before i purchase

  3. so ive been blocked from my own content or thread got deleted..

    way to deal with issues.

    So they refunded me me lifetime fee.. without even a conversation, was fun here, time to find another service.


  4. so ive been blocked from my own content or thread got deleted..

    way to deal with issues


  5. Just came across the page where they introduced the staff, That pic, is that you Sejuth?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Niima


      ahhh.. Well, The wife walked passed and said.. "If this is what geeks are like today.. Count me in!" :lol:

    3. Niima


      Um.. Random question, do admin get free software? for instance a certain aimbot/esp thingy.. :rolleyes: 

    4. Sejuth


      Staff? yes, we do.

  6. Destiny 2

    I am ashamed of how many hours I have put in The Division.. 900hrs and counting, worst thing is.. I got it in the xmas 2016 sale.
  7. Destiny 2

    Speak for yourself I mean, Ive put just over 900hrs into TheDivision and if you played it (I know you have) you will know its a thinly spread game with alot of hype around it on release, But there is something about it that I just love, and keeps dragging me back most evenings. Destiny was like that for me, I spent alot of time doing the same sh*t over and over... and over.. *Try's to comprehend just how much time i wasted playing video games, I could have done so much more in life
  8. What the fuck ?

    Now you've said that I've noticed his says "Administrator".. Oh well, Looks like your my new go to man with all my problems.
  9. What the fuck ?

    @Robert.. I know you are a moderator, and your job is to moderate all sorts of things, But people like this "One post wonder" don't deserve your time to respond! If he had trouble finding the software to purchase, I think he would have had a few more "What the fuck's" in the forums.
  10. Just curious..

    Reliable, short and informative answer! Cheers dude. wish my wife was this straight
  11. Just curious..

    On the cheatautomation home page, there is a picture with "Tiger Launcher", and i am currently using "Panther Launcher" is there any difference?
  12. The Division Aimbot........ (VIDEO)

    Question for Admin; Is using "Silent Aim Accuracy" and "SA Distribution" contradicting each other?
  13. The Division Aimbot........ (VIDEO)

    Ive always been under the impression that "Smooth amount" should be left untouched @5 This is my set up.
  14. Handy Web Page

    Found this on my travels, Handy little link for you people to bookmark, you may or may not know of this, but this is super handy for me, so thought i'd share to you people. Remapping for control pads. http://html5gamepad.com/