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  1. Thanks Well, my knowledge 'bout Servers isn't that good, however shouldn't it be possible to stream about your own server? If I remember right, even the freeware VLC player got an feature for that included. You could start stream, give the IP out and the intrested would link in via VLC. Good point, maybe you could open a thread about that. Where you post, let's say 3 dates in the 6 weeks. People can sign in / post that they would have time at that date. Some kind of survey (or is "poll" right? Google offers me 2 translations.. ) to see, how many intrested out there. Just a bit brain storming
  2. Hi all, for the beginning, I'm a very very sceptical person when it comes to cheats/hacks. Who knows me, wouldn't be suprised that the package I bought here were tested hardly on the most games and (of course) not on my main accounts. Like on many things you can find online and only get video proofs, I was very very sceptical.. But I was also intrested, over the last years I studied lot "free" and simply hacks, never programmed anything self (no time... ) but the whole thematic and especially the counter-measures intrested me. When I read the whole part about the long years being undetected, my fascination woke up... I had to try this. When you are here the first time and check out the prices, you might be shocked.. So was I . However, I gave it a try. That was, Rob help me out, 1 1/2 weeks ago?, and bought the whole package because I own the most of the games offered. The last 1 1/2 weeks I was spending on testing the program on different games and checking out the website and the features of the hacks. So far I'm pretty happy with it. I already mentioned, that I informed my self a bit (would still call me noob about the whole thematic ) and, other than many here, I CAN understand why many features are so like they are and why many features you would wish for, are not available. CA offers the most "needed" features, e.g. in Battlefield. A working ESP for enemies in sight, enemies out of sight don't get marked (Guess, if you get watched and perfectly aim at the head BEFORE you could see the enemy is one of the most ban reasons) and they offer a great feature for the radar, so you have all enemies already marked. Actually, that's all you REALLY need, of course there is the great working and greatly adjustable aimbot, too. Explaining it all, would blow up this whole post, so my tipp to you? Try it, it'S absolutly worth is. My tipp to rob? Offer more "tests", how about a live session once in a month? You could go over twitch, do they offer "private" sessions which you can only enter with a link or so? And show the features LIVE, that's a lot more worth than YT videos. Many videos you find at YT are old or could be made with other tools. You really need more PR, not in the whole WWW. On your website. Promote yourself more! I would love to help you, I ain't got hundreds of hours a week to spend for it but I surely could get a few free and help you. If you want of course
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