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  1. Glad to hear! Happy hacking -M
  2. Michelley

    good cheat!

    I am so glad to hear you enjoy it! We are working on the hack constantly so who knows what could happen. Happy headshots and welcome to cheatautomation -M
  3. Glad to hear this! Welcome to the cheat automation family! -M
  4. Glad to have you here! Welcome to cheatautomation! -M
  5. Attention everyone! At some point, while I had a fever and was hallucinating badly, I thought I saw the members' list reaching 100,000. Turns out that was completely wrong because we have passed 100,000 users all thanks to you guys! I am so excited in fact, for next 1 trillionth of a second, anyone who can send me a memoir of their life will get lifetime subscriptions on the house courtesy of me! Edit: This offer has expired, I thank you all for your submissions Edit2: Okay, this wasn't real (Obviously), but my appreciation for the community is. We are glad to have you guys and hope to continue making this the #1 cheat site, anywhere! First, 100,000. Next stop, Planet earth! -M
  6. We are glad to hear that -M
  7. I am so glad you agree that these hacks are the bomb I call this place my online home for a reason. -M
  8. Michelley


    So, I have never been a fan of hacking services that advertise undetected very blatantly, because 9/10 times, its detected. This site however, is the 1/10. In addition to the security I feel while using their programs, I also find it to be one of the best call of duty hacks around with options for just about everything. And if you are like me, grinding at 4 am and waiting almost a half hour for a match in hardcore dom, they also provide tetris. Bought for the edge up on competition, stayed for the nostalgia of a block game. Seriously though, This website is legit, the products are legit, and I have yet to receive any "Special Prizes" you would find with your free hacks on youtube. Definitely renewing my subscription when it wears out.
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