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  1. Thanks @kanra2015 I am having a lot of fun and will deffo be a long term customer here at Cheat Automation. Specially with Battlefield V coming out. I watched the Live Reveal last night, happy to see my fellow Countryman, Trevor Noah was the representer So I hope you guys are gearing up for BF V.... as it seems its taking the War games into a whole new direction..... Keep up the good work and friendly service!! Cheers
  2. I am one very Extatic New Customer at Cheat Automation:rolleyes:

  3. Hi Everyone I am brand new here at Cheat Automation..... I have searched hard and long for a REAL and WORKING LOADER Over the last few months I have tried out many Loaders for BF1, due to the fact that we have so few BF1 Servers in my Countrie's Region. We have to play European servers a lot and with the high Ping and Latency it has been useless.....You end up just destroying your K/D score etc. So a loader is really needed to help and makeup for the Latency we suffer with...... I bought my Loader last night from @kanra2015 in order to be able to pay via credit card. The Transaction was save and instant!! I ran a test this morning, I opened a new BF1 Acc and ran the free trial version of the game. I played on European servers for 1hour and 5mins with an average ping of 215 and higher and the results were AMAZING!!! The Aimbot actually works and the ping and fps correction function allows me to score like a normal person would without a loader..... so I was able to have an average K/D in the game and not just DIE all the time. I cannot wait to play a local server tonight and see the results of that!!! I have had 9 BF1 Accounts BANNED in the last 2 months, after just minutes of playing by using loaders from so many different "Cheat" Sites. They were expensive and with the things you have to do to your pc just to try and use their loaders.....I ended up having Win10 Crash all the time on my Asus Rog G752VY - BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH I had to reinstall Win 10 a few times...... So my conclusion..... If you need a Loader that ACTUALLY works....and is PC SAFE, This is it!! (I don't have any PC issues anymore or Anti-Virus alerts) The Loader works BRILLIANTLY in BF1 - EVEN playing as a Sniper - Longest Headshot was 456 meters I played with all the settings on which could get me banned but nothing happened!! I will however, just for safety, not continue using them in future.... Awesome product CHEAT AUTOMATION..... It's so Easy to USE, No FUSS and it WORKS!!! I look forward to a long relationship with you guys!! Have an Awesome Day!! Here's some Screen Shots and a Dropbox link to view the Large images (I hope sharing this is ok with the forum rules) I am just so Extatic!! Dropbox Link for Full Size Images
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