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  1. @TTAE Plz join my discord server and send me transaction ID.
  2. Hi, Gamers I will close my information site, so I set up to be able to purchase directly from this thread. Also, you can purchase from my discord server. If you want to purchase License or Subscription, plz use this thread or discord. kanra2015
  3. @TTAE I sent all license keys, plz check your inbox
  4. @Jaywalker Sorry, Have you already received?
  5. @Gamers I'm working on building a new system now. Once this arrives, your purchase will be much better. It can be released in early March. Please wait a little more. (There is nothing to change for users using subscription now, please use as before.) kanra2015
  6. @Gamers For the last few days my PC was down. As a result, all license key transmission was temporarily stopped, but now it is reviving. If there is a person who still does not receive the key, please contact this thread or PM or my Discord. (Discord will be the fastest.) kanra2015
  7. How to download cheats here?

    @LukasStarlight You need to purchase License. Plz visit here.
  8. @Gamers Recently, the system encountered an error sending the same license key to more than one person. It has already been fixed, but if you can not use the key sent to you please contact me. kanra2015
  9. @timeworm Your account appears to be already activated, but has the key arrived?
  10. Hi, Gamers! There are two support staff on my Discord channel. If you have questions about purchasing or using hacks, please consult them. They will be pleased to help you. Also, if you say "I have not received a key!", Please send me all of it to Discord's PM or e-mail. Most of them are overlooked or spam mails, but sometimes keys are not transmitted in rare cases. am checking all of the messages I received, so it is most certain. Finally, I have recently received questions about BFV recently. But I am just a Reseller and I can not answer more than I have written in the forum. If you are longing for BFV hack release, please watch the forum. They are all announced here. Well then, kanra2015
  11. License Key

    @bui I am definitely sending you a key. Please check the inbox and spam folder of the mail address registered in PayPal.
  12. License Key

    @bui Please tell me your PayPal name with PM.
  13. @123energy I have already sent your license key. Please check your email inbox registered for PayPal.
  14. https://cheatautomation.info/store Please visit here. You can use some credit cards with PayPal.
  15. @Jaywalker Sorry for the delay. I sent an email with license key to your paypal email. Please check your inbox and the spam folder.