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    Yes CA has a HWID spoofer
  2. BF4 download launcher

    Maybe a bug because the H1Z1 hack just put out a new launcher for HWID spoofing.
  3. How can i payback?

    Best rage a ever lol XD the capital F's on Fucker was a real laugh, the keyboard spam to AfSuEcFkAWyouA. But really though, no need for the rage. Just PM Robert or post a support ticket here, you can check the FAQ for tutorials on how to stop your reoccurring payments.
  4. H1Z1 safety and quality.

    My first thought: TLDR The hack did cause crashes but it doesn't anymore becaus ethe coders fixed it but it can still happen in the future (its currently stable) Right now the anti cheat seems to be utter garbage but ban waves have been sent out I'm pretty sure that SOE doesn't have any anti-cheats like FairFight so stats shouldn't matter thus far Can't tell the future I don't know what anti-cheat they will add but if i use PS2 as an example it has a very good anti-cheat so when H1Z1 is F2P we can expect an anti-cheat like that I think they are going to perma ban your account first then after multiple cheating infractions ban your HWID or your IP CA is working on a HWID spoofer currently so that will be implemented into the hack at a later date (when, we dont know) The loader itself is secure and the only time that i'm aware of that the hack's launcher was detected was before it was the Tiger launcher (like 2 years ago) All that needs to be said is if you come here you will stay because the hacks are awesome and quality and the forums and people are amazing here Every hack is made undetected and kept undetected with updates almost every day, iv'e been here since 2012 and i'll never leave because the hacks are soo good here.
  5. Might as well post an intro now

    Member since July the fourth 2012 when we were still anticipating the Arma 2 Dayz hack XD good times, glad i found this place and stayed.
  6. how is the h1z1 hack here?

    Well seeing as the hack was released very recently its currently not in the hack but, CA will soon add aim prediction it's just a matter of time.
  7. DayZed

  8. Heroes and Generals working

    I don't use the H&G hack but I can give you as much info as i know. The hack works just fine aimbot and all. I heard a handful were banned but that's 8 people out of the how many that use the hack. But getting banned isn't going to be a problem because its a F2P game so you can easily make a 2nd account and hack on that.
  9. Heroes & Generals - aimbot

    Hello, yes the H&G hack has aim prediction with a lot of the guns (as far as im aware, i haven't used it since they first added the prediction). But you have to look around the internet and the forums here to find all the muzzle velocities for the guns you're using. However this means that if you want to you can adjust the aimbot accordingly to your guns velocity if you have different ammunition. Currently no the hack has to be injected after every game, but the coders are working on a way to have it stay in every game and not have to inject it over and over. There was a beta but it didn't work after awhile so they took it down and are working on a fix. Also i heard that're might be a trigger bot added .
  10. greetings to all

    Worth: OH GOD YES Safe: The ban thread has been quiet but the ones that come in are typically from FairFight, a anti-cheat that checks the players stats rather than for hacks and compares your stats to other players to determine if your cheating or not. Hacks like BF4 come with a FairFight setting which minimizes the possibility of you getting caught, however this does not mean you are completely safe you have to try to keep a even KD and average hit rate. Np!
  11. Arma 2 Complete Collection including: Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, Arma 2 Army of the Czech Republic, Arma 2 British Forces and Arma 2 Private Military Company are on sale on steam for $8.79 (BUY THE COMPLETE PACK, not each individual game or you'll pay ~$56). http://store.steampowered.com/sub/40710/ You can also find it in the steam store if you just search: Arma 2 Complete Collection Enjoy
  12. Open a support request then like how Robert did. http://cheatautomation.com/forums/index.php?app=nexus&module=support&section=new Title: Can't Login to Launcher Department: Select "Hack & Launcher Support Message: Briefly explain your problem Robert will reply to the support ticket when he sees it and has the time to answer it. It will take anywhere up to 3 days max (typically takes a day or so) for him to answer it as he has a life outside of CA as well .
  13. Infestation aka WarZ

    Waste of time and bandwidth .
  14. Infestation aka WarZ

    1. The cheat is external, you launch the game get to the MM then inject the hack and press the specified key to open the menu. The hack is not an overlay so it will show up on screenshots and videos. 2. I'm not really so sure myself because I haven't used the infestation hack in a long time but i think there is. 3. Well seeing as how the companies behind infestation already took it down then why put another up if they are going to take it down right after, just like the BF4 video. Np .
  15. Archeage

    Well CA's ratio for fps hacks and MMO hacks is about 10:1 so no its not really CA's style .