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    SilentKiller reacted to Robert in h ithere   
    Yes, our cheat is working and undetected (never detected since launch)
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    SilentKiller reacted to Jaalpari in h ithere   
    hi there . i am looking for division 1.8.2 hacks. if it is possible plz let me know.
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    SilentKiller reacted to KyawThiHa in Introduce   
    Hi guys!!
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    SilentKiller reacted to krazykatty111 in Hi Guys :D   
    Hey guys, Im quite new here and Im a little excited to try out some of the cheats here. Thanks !
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    SilentKiller reacted to smokebob in Hello Everybody   
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    SilentKiller reacted to Tukuchimo in hello all   
    Hello, everyone, thank you for welcoming me here.
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    SilentKiller reacted to ettamri in My name is Ilyasse   
    My name is Ilyasse, I'm 21 years old and I currently live in morroco city.
    i'm a student, and in my spare time i play mmorpg games, I found CheatAutomation using Google searching for ros hack, and then I created a user to get this amazing cheat esp!
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    SilentKiller reacted to Sabcho in Rango   
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    SilentKiller reacted to Robert in Question regard with my mmo anticheat   
    They could ban you for that hypothetically, but as we don't offer a cheat for their game and you wouldn't be running the cheat client at the same time that seems unlikely.  One option would be to put our launcher executable on a removable usb stick and only insert it when using our cheats.
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    SilentKiller reacted to sp37zn4z in PUBG - ESP works at the moment?   
    working but cheat on your own risk and don't cry in the forums if you're bunned.
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    SilentKiller reacted to sp37zn4z in PUBG cheat still work?   
    working but cheat on your own risk and don't cry in the forums if you're bunned.
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    SilentKiller got a reaction from Terminator in Hello   
    Cómo estás Antitidos y bienvenido a la familia de CheatAutomation. También quería decir que si desean compartir información de algun juego que lo hagan en mensajes privados para que sea más seguro.
    I just wanted to reiterate what I mentioned to him but in English - about sharing individual game information with other people on a hack site - if you are going to do so please do it via PM's so your game handles are not out there for everyone to see. Just a friendly reminder.

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    SilentKiller reacted to westcroft in Trial   
    Guys you wont need to trial it to see if you like it, CA cheats are the best out there and CA are fully trustworthy with the best (and I have experienced others) support and friendly staff.
    Do you research on the hack, and what it can do in game, if you like what you see, buy with confidence!!..  (make sure you follow ALL rules, to ensure you stay undetected)
    edit to add - wow , my 100th post!! 
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    SilentKiller reacted to Titanium in haLLO   
    Haha! Thanks! It was animated before and thankfully now, it still is! Cheers!
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    SilentKiller reacted to Robert in Star Citizen Cheat Now Available!   
    We're pleased to announce the release of our Star Citizen Cheat and Star Marine Cheat. Augment your pilot with the most insane abilites possible, from our Silent Aimbot to Shoot Through Walls hack, and cause havoc in the Star Marine FPS mode!
    Our Star Citizen cheat is currently designed for the FPS parts of the game, but as the game continues to develop and adds to the piloting experience, we plan to support ship-on-ship features and much more.
    While our cheat is undetected and Star Citizen currently uses no anti-cheat, we would never recommend cheating on an account you have invested a lot of money in, as some Star Citizen backers have.
    See all the cheat details on our Star Citizen Hack Page:

    Become an All-Access VIP to access the cheat, or purchase a Star Citizen Hack Subscription:

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    SilentKiller reacted to Robert in Website Upgrade Complete!   
    We hope everyone enjoys using the new homepage and upgraded forums! There may be some remaining issues, and improvements will continue to be made over time.
    Blog Post: http://cheatautomation.com/news/welcome-new-website/
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    SilentKiller got a reaction from Asturalu in hola   
    Qué bueno Asturalu, no me había dado cuenta que eres de España. Mi padre es Brasileño y mi madre es Cubana, yo fui criado en Colombia pero nací aquí en los Estados Unidos. Tengo un descanso corto de la escuela por un mes pero es bueno saber que hay alguien con quien hablar si hay preguntas. Chevere, por ahí nos vemos!
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    SilentKiller reacted to Asturalu in hola   
    Buenas, yo soy Español por si tienes alguna duda respondertela con claridad, bienvenido a la comunidad.
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    SilentKiller got a reaction from Robert in hola   
    Hola Filipe, bienvenido a la familia CA!
    En esta comunidad hay muy buena gente. Todo el equipo aquí es de primera clase. Si tienes alguna pregunta la comunidad siempre está dispuesta a ayudar. Y a mi me puedes mandar un mensaje cuando quieras si me lo quieres mandar en español.
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    SilentKiller reacted to Robert in Battlefield 1 Hack Now Available for Release!   
    Our Battlefield 1 Hack is NOW AVAILABLE!

    We've updated our Battlefield 1 hack for the Origin Access trial version of the game, which is available up until the official launch for Origin Access members. Origin Access members can play the Battlefield 1 Trial for up to 10 hours.

    Our Battlefield 1 Hack is now updated for release with all the features of the beta like our precision bone aimbot, full ESP, 2D radar, 1-hit-kill and more! Get one of the best private cheats for Battlefield 1 at CheatAutomation. We'll be adding additional features after launch to ensure we offer the #1 Battlefield 1 Hack.

    To learn more, visit the
    Battlefield 1 Hack page.

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    SilentKiller got a reaction from Hong in Hi all   
    Welcome Digger!!! I know you'll have fun, see you around the forums, ask if you need anything, we've got a great community here!
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    SilentKiller got a reaction from Hong in A Happy and Merry X-Mas for the whole CA crew from customers!   
    Thank you Hong, Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!
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    SilentKiller reacted to fokeiro in Rainbow Six OWNED !!!!   
    I was a bit skeptical before buying this , but well decided to gamble on this and i fricking won !!!! this have make this game 500% more fun and only using ESP is a win round for sure. Play smart and die time to time and dont use aimbot, careful with prefire and dont win all rounds, let the other team win once in a while and ull be golden. So good bought one for my friend too. Keep up the good work CheatAut. You Rock !!!!!! you have a loyal member here for long long time.
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    SilentKiller reacted to elmek13 in New Map Realeased today   
    Hello new map in Bf4 is realeased today. Old map form Bf2. Join to our map and play with us.
    PS. yesterday i was finish BF4 in 140 Lvl finally.
    0 problems with PB and FF big thanks ROBERT. !! Good work.
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    SilentKiller reacted to ShiTech in Squad Hack ?   
    ok,i really hope you will Support it,i will instant reSub
    Thx for the info Robert.
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