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  1. price problem

    Yes, you should be good to go -M
  2. *READ ME FIRST* Introductions

    Hey y’all, its your edgy, extravagant, depressed moderator here who just wanted to say: introductions are for introducing yourself, not for asking questions before you buy. That topic is the presales topic. However, I will be nice, and answer a few FAQ here. ”how do I get the hack?” - in order to get the hack, you must have an active subscription which can be purchased through one of our resellers ”is X detected?” plain and simple one here- N O. I play these games just as much as you guys do, and the last thing I’d want is my account detected ”where is Michelley? He only appears for brief periods at a time anymore” yeah let’s face it, nobody asked that question but yeah, don’t post questions to introductions, post them to questions -M
  3. Newbie

    In order to download the hack, you must purchase a subscription from one of our resellers. Hope to see you soon, and happy headshots -M
  4. Want to avail cheats

    I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know what “avail” means. Could you try again for me pretty please? -M
  5. price problem

    That’s not it at all, but thank you for your opinion. We are trying to get PayPal to support us again so that we can return the low prices, however, currently only Russian networks that don’t mix with PayPal at all will accept us, making it difficult for our US based customers. In the mean time, our resellers are people that are willing to risk their PayPal status by selling these cheats, while also being in European countries where they can easily pay the website for the cost of the keys. I used to do trades, such as steam keys for codes, but I couldn’t sell the gift cards as fast as I hoped, and since I am US based, it’s incredibly difficult to send the company any money. I hope that resolves your question. -M
  6. I WANT CHEAT ESP Battlerflied 1

    Please consider purchasing our cheats using our purchase option. Nothing good is free
  7. How to invisible

    furthermore, what game are we talking about here?
  8. ESP only BO 4

    We won't support BO4 because of this big baddy in the way called blizzard. Read a few news articles and you will see that blizzard doesn't get ban happy, they get sue happy. -M
  9. H

    Well thank you for this *USEFUL* test of our system, like so many before you
  10. how to download cheat ?

    While correct, we are technically public access due to just needing to buy it, no exclusive invites. That being said, you are still correct in saying we aren’t public since you pay. Just fun clarities from the master and overlord of exactly 4 oxygen molecules -M
  11. Division 2

    Well- thanks gwajl for that... breath taking conversation. As for the division 2, assuming they use the same anti cheat, and we can work our our PayPal problems, then I’m sure we will put full work towards the division 2. -M
  12. hack

    I’m sorry but I fail to understand how this relates to our game hacks. If you can provide some clarity, I won’t remove it, but I’m unsure of why it’s here -M
  13. Warframe

    Greetings @puregkf, to answer your question, yes we are updated and I am sure you will love it, I certainly do (If I didn't love our hacks, why would I be a moderator?). Here is hoping you join the CA family -M
  14. ?

    Sorry for the delay my good friend, had your post been in the private discussion, or had a better title than just a ?, I may have been able to assist you sooner. First make sure all files are installed (you can find them in the setup pages). Next, make sure the hack is excluded from the anti viruses, and make sure to follow the FAQ. Finally, make sure you are not on a virtual machine, and even run some antivirus scans (see my post in the off topic about computer cleaning and optimization) to make sure that a virus is not responsible for this who dunnit mystermcbobber. If this does not help, let me know -M
  15. not a really fair site

    We are not yet deleting them as we are still working to bring them back. However, in regards to your purchase, I would have to point out that we have an active hack detector that shows you which hacks are currently down to prevent just this sort of thing from occurring. It is always recommended to thoroughly inspect a website prior to purchase for any possible updates that may have held a hack off. -M