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"Tiger" Launcher Update Released

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CheatAutomation has released a new version of our launcher, codenamed "Tiger". This update completely overhauls the UI and adds our new CheatShield system which is currently enabled for Battlefield 4, adding an additional level of protection to our software.


New UI:

We've completely overhauled our UI to improve the experience when using our cheat launcher, and present information in a more appealing way. News and Instructions can both be accessed from a single page from a tabbed design. All pages including login pages and information/error pages have been overhauled with a new look.


We've spent countless hours developing this system to add an additional layer of security to our software. While we will not go into detail as to avoid tipping off anti-cheat companies of our strategies, this system increases your security when using one of our cheats supported by it. To start off, we've implemented CheatShield into our Battlefield 4 hack.

If you're a subscriber, download the new launcher HERE

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