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Bambi Testimonial

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So i Been a member since 07 Jan 2014 so I feel I can give a good insight into this service with total honesty. Of Course I am not going to mention any other services out there or advertise but I will add how Cheat Automation stacks up in comparison without mentioning names.

So first of all my biggest impression and opinion of CA is that it is one of the most safest services I used and trust. While it's collection of cheats is still many it isn't as much as others but what i like about this is that a lot of sites like to list hundreds or games they support cheats for, while barely ever checking if they still work or if they are safe. They simply only support the big games at the time and usually let their banned members report back on their forums. usually once enough bans come through they will get up off their asses and get to work. This for me is not good and when it comes to games especially big ones I will check here to see if it is supported because CA will not only do what they can to prevent bans but will immediately disable such cheats if it becomes detected to avoid any bans going further and saving their members a lot of money and frustration. Fixes for their cheats usually are applied and reactivated before many others.

Community everyones helpful and supportive while not the biggest I have seen they consist of decent members who don't condescend others who are frustrated with bans or problems but advise them and support where needed which is great because no one especially a paying customer should face such issues or even waste time on either.

Cheats themselves are great and work like any other while others have more features CA goes for safety more than anything and even risky features are highlighted as such. Sometimes service can become unavailable with the menu sometimes being unable to load due to server issues which results in inability to use your purchase and loss of game time however they are not the only service to have this problem but hopefully this will be addressed.

Menu ingame while is not eye catching or stylish it's simple basic and easy to understand and usually is preconfigured default settings are set up by the staff as their recommended configuration so you can inject and play right from the menu. All i can add is that maybe add your own personal touch with maybe a similar theme like your website and Injector.

Staff while mostly response time can be lacking due to time zone difference they are very helpful and usually have answers for any question and forums are updated by staff and members regularly with guides, tips and problem solving posts. Another suggestion would be to add more moderators.

Website is one of the nicest to look at and what got my attention when i first visited two years ago. While most other sites are a complete mess with old games and forums asking people whether cheats are active still or not this has a cheat status section and is very helpful.

Injector what can i say it works (most of the time) and is simple and easy to use and looks great.

Conclusion is that I would recommend at least trying this service it's cheap and professional while room for improvement in areas i suggested above I can speak from experience that this is always the first place I come to because of the simplicity and ease and probably will be here more often as I am now myself a lifetime VIP which is a bargain by the way :)

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