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Private Quake Champions Hack

Gib your opponents with our deadly bone aimbot, full esp, and radar features, all accessed through an easy-to-use cheat menu.


Precision Bone Aimbot


Packed with ESP Features


Tactical 2D Radar


No Spread & No Recoil

Rule the Quake Arena.

With the Cheatautomation Quake Champions Hack, top the scoreboards every match you play and put your opponents in an early grave with our deadly bone aimbot, which lets you lock-on and deliver swift death with any number of weapons. Track all enemy players with full player ESP, letting you quickly move from kill to kill, and rise up the scoreboard. 2D radar completes our cheat with a 2D representation of nearby players only a glance away at any time, helping you avoid being flanked.

Get the CheatAutomation advantage

Top the Scoreboards
Whether you’re playing classic deathmatch or any other mode, our Quake Champions hack will help you top the scoreboards with help from our Deadly aimbot, ESP, 2D radar and other features. You’ll get kills faster than ever before, and see the exact locations of all enemy players. If that isn’t enough to put you at #1, you’re beyond our help!

Lock-On Bone Aimbot
You’ll be bathing in gibs with the help of our bone aimbot. Lock-on to your opponents to deliver swift death as you get constant headshots. Configure your aimbot to your preference, whether you want to all-out rage every match or stay under the radar with ‘legit’ settings. Configure your aim speed, fov, aimkey and more to create the perfect Quake Champions cheat configuration and save your settings for next time!

Quake Champions ESP
Keep track of your enemies at all times with our Player ESP, letting you hunt down your next target with ease. Our ESP includes nametags, 3D boxes, health, distance and more, giving you the all the tactical knowledge you could desire. Toggle every ESP feature through our easy-to-use cheat menu to highlight just the information you need on-screen.

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All the features you need..

Precision Bone Aimbot

  •  Auto Aim
  • Custom Aim Key
  • Visibility Checks
  • Customize FOV (Field of View)
  • Aim Smoothing
  •  Ping Correction
  •  FPS Correction
  •  Muzzle Correction
  • Maintain Target Lock
  • Lock-On Indicator

Full ESP

  •  Line ESP
  •  Nametag  ESP
  • Distance ESP
  •  Healthbar ESP
  •  Box ESP
  •  Head-dot ESP
  •  Skeleton ESP
  • Traceline ESP

Miscellaneous Options

  •  Mouse Driven In-Game Menu
  •  Easy Anti-Cheat Undetected
  •  No Spread
  •  No Recoil
  •  2D RADAR
  •  Move Radar
  •  Resize Radar Spread
  •  Custom Crosshair
  • Display FPS
  •  Display Resolution
  •  Display Time
  •  Display Watermark

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What do our subscribers have to say?

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Lifetime VIP
Very good hacks

I bought the All-Access VIP a few days ago and tested some of the Hacks. They all work very well and are really easy to use. My personal favorite is the Division hack. I probably going to buy the Lifetime VIP as well.

Lifetime VIP
Cheap and Professional

...My biggest impression and opinion of CA is that it is one of the most safest services I used and trust...I am now myself a lifetime VIP which is a bargain by the way.

The CheatAutomation advantage

At CheatAutomation we don’t just develop cheats. We enhance your cheating experience with every element of the CheatAutomation ecosystem.

Black Panther Menu Fully Integrated

Easy cheat loading with the "Tiger" Cheat Launcher

Easy Cheat Loading

Load cheats immediately through our launcher, with the most up-to-date version streamed to you from our servers.

Key Information Updates

Get up-to-date cheat statuses and cheat changelogs.

Highly Secured

Our launcher is designed to remain undetected by even the most aggressive anti-cheat systems.

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Elite Quake Champions Hack

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Aim Bot or Trigger Bot

Want to improve your targeting and aim?
Not only are you able to improve your in-game settings to make sure the aiming is easier, but you will also have an aimbot on offer as well. This will help ensure things are done the right way, and you can aim with ease.
Aim and know you have full control with your shot.

Non-Invasive Setup

Don’t want something that is going to ruin the system or get in the way of what you are doing? This is a real concern with other hacks, but this one is straightforward. Set it up and watch as the game turns into a magical experience as soon as you want.
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Switch Settings Easily

No one wants to deal with a hack that is going to make it hard to change in-game settings. Instead of being made to wait, go with a solution that is going to improve the settings and how they are being put into place. This hack is going to speed up the process and make sure the settings can be switched in seconds.
Go through and make changes on the fly.

Supports All Resolutions

What resolutions will this hack support when you start using it for the first time?
It is going to support all systems and all resolutions. This is never a concern, and the gaming experience is going to remain the same as it was beforehand. This is guaranteed for gamers who are selective about the hack they’re using and how it impacts the game.

User-Friendly Setup

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The details


  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7


  • Undetected by Game Client

Hardware Locking

  • Locks to 1 Computer
  • 6 Unlocks per month


  • $14.88 USD Monthly
  • $29.88 USD Quarterly